Running industrial logistics flows isn’t easy. So, we do it for you. We also offer aftermarket & technical services at dedicated logistics campuses.

Increased focus on speed and cost

Global network of multi-customer hubs

Streamlined supplier management with on-time delivery

Optimized availability of parts and components

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Meet immediate needs & challenges of your manufacturing operations

Do you worry about the storage & transport of dangerous or heavy products, availability of parts & components, packaging and crating of industrial equipment, & regulatory compliance? 


Meet these challenges with GEODIS’ complete range of multimodal & low-carbon transportation solutions. Our solutions expertly adapt to your individual projects – even the most unusual and demanding ones – to optimize your supply flows, distribution, & after-sales service.  


Outsource your industrial logistics to GEODIS, so that you can focus on the business. 


What are the benefits of GEODIS logistics solutions?

Advisory and Flow Management

GEODIS goes beyond logistics cost optimization. We help you predict risks & improve scalability & agility, to overcome any logistics challenges.

Aftermarket Services

We pick up spare parts from your suppliers’ warehouse, consolidate them on our platforms, & ship them to a destination via the most convenient modes of transport.

Control Tower

Our turnkey solution boosts logistics operations visibility, via supply chain data analysis, for better purchase order management, fulfillment, & invoicing.

Industrial Logistics

GEODIS orchestrates inbound & outbound industrial logistics flows, and provides aftermarket and technical services at our logistics campuses.

Multimodal Transport Solutions

GEODIS manages your global, end-to-end multimodal and cross-border freight transport. From storage to shipment, we help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Turnkey Solutions for your Industrial Projects

Avail world-class logistics support for your industrial projects, no matter its size or complexity. We can even help build or move a factory across the world.

Responsible solutions

GEODIS offers the highest quality of products & services in line with its CSR commitments (environment, social & societal, & ethics), across your value chain.

"Sidel, one of the world leaders in the food packaging solutions industry, is very conscious of its customer’s strong preference for decarbonization. This is why we expect our logistics partner to always deliver innovative & eco-friendly transportation services across the globe. Additionally, we seek real-time and accurate transport & logistics traceability and visibility solutions."


Christophe Berroche, Spare Parts Logistics Operations Director (Company: Sidel)

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"Industrial logistics projects require a high level of technicality, a flawless approach, and heightened accuracy. Thus, to ensure success, you must execute operations with vigilance and monitor them continuously. But how can you orchestrate logistics in the most efficient and cost-effective way? Find out by getting in touch with our experts."


Jérôme Chadeau, Senior Vice President, Vertical Market - Industrial, GEODIS.

Frequently asked questions

Industrial logistics refers to management of the sourcing, storage of materials, transport and distribution of materials in the product flow from the origin to production and finally to the point of consumption. Its goal is to improve the efficiency of the overall supply chain, from raw material sourcing to dispatch of finished products to the end consumer.

  • Increasing costs of fuel & transport 

  • Difficulties transporting dangerous or heavy industrial goods 

  • Lack of accuracy in tracking transport and inventory 

  • Lack of coordination and communication across the supply chain 

  • Delays in delivery 

  • Missing components or parts that makes maintaining production schedules difficult  

  • Poor after-sales service 

  • Meeting environmental, technical, financial and other regulatory requirements

When industrial logistics is managed well, you save on costs of storage, handling and even sourcing and quicken the flow of goods along the supply chain.  


Choose a 3PL like GEODIS. Our deep knowledge of your business sector combined with this customized approach enables us to orchestrate your logistics in the most efficient and cost-effective way. 

By outsourcing industrial logistics services, you get to forget about the logistics challenges and focus instead on growing your business. A third party logistics provider can manage everything from your raw material sourcing to information flows, transport coordination, inventory forecasting, after sales service, and returns.

Managing the safety of goods in-transit is a part of logistics management. When transporting industrial goods, you would want to label it right, so that it's not misplaced. Also secure the goods well once loaded onto the vehicle to prevent it from moving around too much during transit. Also add cushioning and package the goods well, especially if it's fragile or hazardous.

Technology revolutionizes your industrial logistics. It not only helps streamline the flow of goods, but also helps control financial, data, and information flows. With clear visibility and traceability of operations on the ground, you can make much more informed decisions. 


Disruptive technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, and VR can also play a huge role in improving transport & logistics efficiency.