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Campus Solutions for logistics: Adapting to Seasonalities

GEODIS' Campus Solutions warehouse logistics can help customers to store and receive deliveries in the wake of a surge in activity. Campus Solutions also enable us to act as a fulfillment center as we ship the right order with the right products at the right time, while optimizing operating costs.

A multi-customer approach

A Campus is a warehouse or a number of warehouses in which we provide third-party customer logistics support, with warehouse management services such as pick & pack, assembly, kitting and other value-added solutions. GEODIS provides on-demand, dedicated storage and experts. We will share our time, space and workforce with maximum flexibility to help you achieve exceptional deadlines and benefit from transverse services. For instance, we can engage in the specific rework operations of items at a reduced cost, taking advantage of economies of scale.

Strategic global locations and comprehensive services

Our Campus buildings are in strategically-located industrial parks across the world, often dedicated to one specific vertical market. This keeps all of our competence types in the same place, for the same kinds of customers. We then partner with our customers as we draw from our comprehensive logistics services for Retail and in-house expertise to bring you all of the advantages our campus resources have to offer.

Turnkey logistics with end-to-end visibility and tracking

Our Campus Solutions brick & mortar and e-Commerce activities support in-plant and promotional logistics for a variety of Retail products such as clothes, furniture, beverages, vending machines and white goods. We are able to transfer personnel and resources across the whole campus, and we also focus on crisis prevention and management – because quality logistics leads to quality transport.

We can pick, pack, deliver and handle the scalability of your operations, providing end-to-end visibility over inventory and the complete tracking of your products and deliveries. We'll use our worldwide shipping service to deliver goods to your final customer, dealing with all transport and customs formalities in the process. Our tailored Campus Solutions can also help you transition to permanent growth, or deal with an unexpected surge in activity, during or outside of peak seasons.

As always, you can rely on one single point of contact.

an employee drives and communicates with his colleagues

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