GEODIS containers get out from a truck

Rail-Road Transport

GEODIS is the French leader in combined Rail-Road Transport. We are also the only carrier to offer three alternative means of production for road transport for covering distances over 500 km. Our solutions target economic, operational and environmental performance through high-volume loading, continuous operation, accident risk reduction and CO₂ emissions. Multimodal transportation also offers many benefits in terms of productivity and reliability.

A minimal carbon footprint solution

Our three-pronged railway expertise is complementary and generates up to 11 times fewer CO2 emissions than road transportation. GEODIS has access to the main railway lines in Western Europe, which allows us to optimize your flows while staying within your budgetary constraints.

Combined railway transportation for packaged shipments

We maintain partnerships with a variety of operators. This allows us to deliver all types of goods (palletized or in-bulk products, hazardous materials, etc.) throughout Europe. Your products will not be subjected to load breaking – we will ensure that swap bodies can be lifted off of trucks and placed onto carriages with the assistance of a mobile or gantry crane. We have 350 swap bodies and 100 container chassis vehicles available to achieve this.

Piggybacking: a 100% effective offer

We place our semi-trailers directly onto trains, reducing transit time as well as the pre- and post-shipment period of the delivery of your goods. This solution combines the flexibility of road transport with the high-load capacity of train transport. A train can be fully loaded in approximately one hour.

Fercam: a high daily frequency

Your palleted products can be transported with a high daily frequency via a full train linking two cross-dock platforms. Pre- and post-shipment transports are guaranteed by our own trucks that deliver directly to the destination. Our teams are responsible for unloading and loading goods on our logistical platforms between each route. Bundling and order preparation are also available.

Our major European multimodal lines

GEODIS guarantees daily North-South flow round-trips in France. Our main international operational routes include: France from/to Italy; Italy from/to Switzerland; Spain and Portugal from/to Poland, the Benelux, Czech Republic, and Germany.

GEODIS containers get out from a truck

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