Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Facing volatile purchase frequencies & order volumes? Deliver goods across distribution channels in an agile, sustainable, & efficient way with FMCG logistics solutions.

Better speed-to-market for promotions & launches

Low-carbon transport solutions

Flexible warehouse services

Real-time & reliable end-to-end traceability

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Cash-in on the FMCG omnichannel opportunity

Tired of the daily struggle to ensure FMCG products are available across distribution channels – physical and online – and maintaining competitive prices in a VUCA world? GEODIS helps by optimizing inventory, across channels & locations, while reducing carbon footprint. 


We manage changing order volumes, especially during promotions & seasonal peaks, with our agile & customized solutions. To ensure data-driven supply chain performance & resilience, harness our state-of-the art IT tools, global account management program, & logistics network. 


How FMCG companies can reduce CO2 and increase profitability?

Campus Solutions

GEODIS gives you access to multi-client warehouses, smartly located, run by specialized staff. We also offer a range of scalable value-added services.

Customized Logistics Solutions

GEODIS offers a range of value-added services to help you localize & customize your product packaging and manage promotional campaigns.

Maximum Flow Visibility

Where is my SKU? Use our global service for product delivery tracking and flawless management of your physical and administrative flows, via a single interface.

Multimodal and Cross-border Transport Solutions

Handle cross-border delivery of FMCG goods, via varied modes of transport; optimized to specific timelines, costs, & seasons; with customs clearance services.

Speed to Market

Make your products available everywhere & immediately, with GEODIS’ flexible transport and logistics network; even in the face of dramatic demand fluctuations.

Control Tower

GEODIS enables full inventory visibility at SKU level across your global supply chain to facilitate your daily operational, tactical  & strategical management.

Responsible solutions

GEODIS offers the highest quality of products & services in line with its CSR commitments (environment, social & societal, & ethics), across your value chain.

Decoding ‘new-age’ FMCG logistics

Manufacturers of mass market products are currently confronted with demanding consumers in the new retail era, agile digital challenger brands in every vertical, and increasingly stringent regulations.

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"Beyond the traditional wholesale model, we see great development in the "direct to consumer" model. Data shows a growth in demand for D2C products, especially coffee, cosmetics,  nappies, perfumes, personal care, pet food, and vitamins, minerals, & supplements. This implies that FMCG companies must consider refreshing their legacy logistics network to cope with this new consumer demand."


Emmanuel Bonnet, Senior Vice President Vertical Market - FMCG, GEODIS

Frequently asked questions

To understand the FMCG logistics meaning , you need to first understand what FMCG is. This acronym stands for goods that are sold rapidly, and at a low cost, including beverages, packaged food, toiletries, cleaning products & personal care products. And FMCG logistics involves all the steps to get these products quickly across the supply chain to the shoppers, via different channels.

In a fast-paced market like FMCG, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep pace with the logistics demand & delight customers. Here are some of the top logistics challenges that your business is likely to face: 

  • Inability to maintain sufficient inventory to meet fluctuating demand
  • Struggle to stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Lack of visibility of the inventory & order status
  • Lack of system & data integration to optimize the full supply chain

Some of the KPIs that you should track when it comes to fast moving customer goods logistics are:

  • Delivered On-Time & In-Full 
  • On-Shelf Availability
  • Supply Chain Costs
  • Carrying Cost of Inventory
  • Average Time to Sell
  • Out-of-Stock Rate 

FMCG logistics can be optimized by choosing the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider. For best results outsource your supply chain management, warehousing & distribution, inventory management, order fulfillment, and delivery optimization to a 3PL like GEODIS.