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Ocean Freight

Master the seas with our ocean freight solutions. Experience a better way to deliver as we prioritise freight sustainability, affordability, & end-to-end visibility.

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Making waves with ocean freight

At GEODIS, we take end-to-end ocean freight seriously. Your shipping goals are our priority.

Wherever your shipments need to go, our flexible & sustainable ocean freight solutions make it happen by:

  • Optimizing your shipping with proprietary freight management technology
  • Unlocking 100% carbon insetting with our sustainable marine fuel solution
  • Offering real-time ocean freight visibility

GEODIS also connects to ports across the globe, making us one of the top global players for Full Container Load (FCL) & Less than Container Load (LCL) services.

  • sustainability commitment.svg
    sustainability commitment.svg

    Support your commitment towards sustainability

  • network_optimization.svg

    Leverage global network of ocean freight carriers & experts

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    innovative and integrated.svg

    Offer innovative, customized & integrated freight solutions

Sustainable Transport

Support your commitment towards sustainability


  • Achieve up to 100% CO2 reduction through Insetting services


  • Access sustainable ocean freight options globally & across carriers


  • Know your carbon emission stats better via reports & certifications

Leverage global network of ocean freight carriers & experts


  • Enjoy a high standard of operations & control


  • Harness a well-connected network of carriers


  • Leverage our team’s industry knowledge

Offer innovative, customized & integrated freight solutions


  • Optimize your supply chain with leading freight management technology


  • Gain end-to-end & real-time freight visibility


  • Manage your shipments 24/7, every day of the week


IRIS: online freight management tool

IRIS is a digital freight management platform that simplifies the process of obtaining quotes, booking shipments, and gaining complete visibility over your cargo.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Need to ship big loads that fill an entire container? GEODIS’ FCL delivery services offer a wide range of equipment that suit all cargo types.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

For smaller ocean freight loads that don't fill a full container, choose GEODIS’ LCL services. Our priority is to ensure reliable & cost-efficient shipping.

Buyer's Consolidation

We route LCL shipments, from many suppliers, to one warehouse & then consolidate them into an FCL shipment. This also improves customs clearance efficiency.

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Transport temperature-sensitive goods, such as fresh produce or medicines, with GEODIS’ climate-controlled shipping & special handling.

Sustainable Marine Fuel

Sustainable Marine Fuel (SMF) offers a low-carbon alternative fuel option for ocean freight. It helps mitigate ocean transportation's impact on climate change.

Always by your side with charter expertise

At GEODIS, we are constantly looking to tailor solutions that serve the extraordinary demands of your unique projects. Our teams support the chartering of break bulk vessels and offer liner services to cope with demand. Ultimately, our mission is to safeguard your supply chain, in any situation.

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“At GEODIS, we want to be your growth partner. To that end, we go beyond just cargo delivery – we deliver peace of mind to our clients. You can fully count on our support, be it in terms of offering access to a winning supply chain network or devising compliant & reliable ocean freight solutions. Our endeavor is also to make the world a better place via reliable & sustainable ocean transport.”


Matthias Hansen Senior Vice President Global Ocean Freight

Frequently asked questions

Ocean freight or maritime transportation involves the transport by sea of containerized or break bulk cargo, by loading it onto vessels.

Ocean freight is one of the cheaper and more environmentally friendly options for transporting freight from point A to point B. In fact, a study shows that air freight emits 435 grams per tonne/km CO2 as compared to 80 Grams per tonne/km for trucks (> 40 tonnes) and 7.9 grams per tonne/km for bulk carriers (10,000 – 34,999 dwt).

You may use sustainable fuel solutions to decarbonize the supply chain and meet your company’s sustainability goals. GEODIS offers these solutions for air and sea freight. We not only make it easy to book sustainable fuel-powered freight via several channels, but also share audited reports of your CO2 reduction. Click here to calculate the carbon emissions of your freight transport chains. And speak to our team at GEODIS to see how SMF can reduce your carbon footprint.

It takes an average of 28 days to transport cargo between Shanghai and Rotterdam via ocean freight. But, the actual transit time may vary based on the type of ocean freight service, the service loop, and the number of ports visited. You also need to account for time deviations due to external factors such as container shortages, obstruction in the transport route, turbulent weather, and piracy.

If you have to ship very large volumes of cargo, then you may need to use full containers (FCL). But to transport smaller consignments of goods, you can decide to share space with other shippers’ and/or consignees’ cargo in one container (LCL). This not only saves transport costs but also is better for the environment.
Additionally, you may use GEODIS’ sustainable marine fuel solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of your freight. Our marine fuel recovery service even enables 100% carbon insetting.

To transport temperature controlled cargo, choose special refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers. These containers are fitted with a refrigeration unit so that your perishable cargoes are always at the right temperature.

You can track your cargo from source to destination with GEODIS’ proprietary, end-to-end freight tracking solution called IRIS.

While our ocean freight solutions can be tailored to fit the needs of all industries, we offer advanced vertical expertise in aerospace & defence, automotive, FMCG, healthcare, hi-tech, industrial & retail sectors.

The obvious difference between air and ocean freight is that the former involves transport of goods by air and the latter by sea. Marine transportation of cargo is also significantly cheaper than air freight. This is a more economical solution comparing to other transport modes. Therefore, it is preferable to use ocean freight to ship heavy cargo.

Ocean freight or marine transport is one of the most economical delivery options, especially for international transport. It is also more efficient than other means of transport, ideal for shipping large cargo, or in bulk. With ocean freight, you can also safely carry hazardous materials and dangerous cargo. Lastly, it is one of the most carbon-efficient transport modes.  

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