GEODIS delivers to Strasbourg’s city center by boat and e-bikes, with ULSized delivery: the logistical cornerstone of a successful worksite


Committed to decarbonized city delivery for more than two years, GEODIS is adding to its urban logistics services by partnering with the Alsatian company, Urban Logistic Solutions (ULS), to supply merchants and individuals in Strasbourg’s city center using a pusher-barge system and e-bikes. This partnership is one of the initiatives undertaken by GEODIS to deliver to 37 metropolitan areas of France using decarbonized means by 2024.

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GEODIS has selected ULS, winner of the call for proposals by the Eurométropole de Strasbourg and Voies Navigables de France for the creation of an urban logistics river shuttle combined with an e-bike delivery service. Packages and pallets deposited by GEODIS at rue de Dunkerque are sent by barge to quai des pêcheurs [Fishermen's Wharf] – in the immediate vicinity of Grande Île – where electric bike couriers equipped with trailers take over the last few meters to deliver to shops/merchants and individuals.


In addition to these city center delivery activities, GEODIS Strasbourg makes nearly 400 daily deliveries throughout the metropolitan area thanks to approximately fifteen low-emission vehicles – electric or biogas-powered (CNG) vehicles. 


“The solution developed in Strasbourg meets our customers’ high expectations, and is a concrete solution to reduce CO2 emissions associated with transporting goods in the city center. It is part of our approach to low-carbon urban logistics,” explains Stéphane Cassagne, Executive Vice President of GEODIS’ Distribution & Express line of business.


“The ULS e-bike and boat waterway delivery solution relieves urban congestion and has a positive effect on traffic and pollution. It represents the future of delivery, providing sustainable mobility with a fast, simple, efficient and human service,” concludes Thomas Castan, President and Founder of ULS. 





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On the left, Thomas Castan, president and founder of ULS, on the right, Stéphane Cassagne, executive vice president of the Distribution & Express