GEODIS Initiates Preventative Care Program


In the continued pursuit of improving the well-being of its employees, the Freight Forwarding line of business of the leading global transport and logistics service provider GEODIS, has finalized a new health and safety strategy to run over the next three years. Deployed at first across the Project Logistics activities, the Preventative Care Program (PCP) builds on the existing corporate culture of maintaining the safest working environment for its employees.


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The PCP has a progressive structure designed to be implemented through four key improvement levels including training, standardization, organizational aspects, reporting and controls. The training program will commence for employees involved in Project Logistics (PL) activities in all five global regions of operation over the next three months. As the work of PL involves the more hazardous transport of heavy and over-sized loads, this specialized sector of GEODIS was deemed the most relevant within which to commence the PCP roll-out.


Executive Vice President of Freight Forwarding Line of Business of GEODIS, Eric Martin-Neuville commented on the initiative, “One of the corporate Golden Rules of GEODIS’ is to ‘Ensure the safety of our people everywhere and at all times’. The Preventative Care Program that we are embarking on is designed to fulfill this aim by guaranteeing that QHSE1 responsibilities are understood and embraced by all.”


The training is appropriate for all staff roles with the aim of having close to 100 employees of the freight forwarding activity familiar with the program by the end of the year.  The program moves through four sequential levels, each with a number of steps or modules designed to equip each member of staff with such skills as risk assessment, safety awareness, behavioral safety coaching and leadership in best practice.  


The PCP is intuitive and develops from the basic instinctive awareness of risks to a fully mature health and safety environment.

“As many of the steps in the program show much of the success in attaining good QHSE standards rely on individuals through their awareness, behavior, leadership, observation and reporting of incidents, and willingness to learn,” says Glenn THIESSEN, Global Business Excellence Director of GEODIS’ Freight Forwarding, “We are confident that the common culture shared by GEODIS employees will motivate individual employees to embrace our Preventative Care Program and ensure its success.”


1Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.


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