GEODIS Collaborates with Bastian Solutions on New Fulfillment Site to Deliver Highest AutoStore Throughput Globally


Global leading transport and logistics provider GEODIS today announced a partnership with Bastian Solutions to implement an AutoStore system into a new fulfillment site for a leading clothing retailer. The $48 million material handling equipment deal will deliver the highest throughput documented of an AutoStore system globally to support the retailer’s omnichannel capabilities, including e-Commerce and its more than 1,000 stores across the United States.


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AutoStore is a pioneering goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval system that is the market leader in storage density.

AutoStore Bins are stacked vertically in a grid and retrieved by Robots that travel on the top layer of the system, allowing the grid to be placed around columns and on mezzanines and multiple levels. This design allows bins of products to be stacked on top of each other in a condensed grid-style system, increasing storage capacity up to four times in the same footprint and performance up to 10 times without added workers.


“GEODIS’ strategic partnership with Bastian Solutions and AutoStore will provide us even greater efficiencies and added capacity as we continue to navigate ongoing industry challenges on behalf of our clients, such as swiftly changing consumer buying patterns and labor shortages,” said Rob Thyen, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Facilities at GEODIS in Americas. “By investing in technology such as the AutoStore system, we can ensure we are supporting our clients’ future growth and exceeding their expectations.”


GEODIS is estimated to move up to 270,000 order lines per day in service of both retail store and direct-to-consumer channels, making this the AutoStore system with the highest throughput in the world. GEODIS will use the AutoStore system to facilitate fulfillment for its customer’s retail and e-Commerce channels to deliver a truly omnichannel solution. GEODIS will also utilize the AutoStore technology to expedite e-Commerce returns, which continues to be an industry priority due to recent increases in online purchases. In addition to featuring the innovative AutoStore storage and fulfillment technology, the 400,000-square-foot facility will include robotic piece picking with five robotic arms, automated packing and carton closing, and more. Construction for the site is expected to begin in January 2022 and wrap in November 2022.


“It has been a pleasure working with the GEODIS team,” said Marvin Logan, Vice President of Solution Delivery at Bastian Solutions. “We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the necessary advantage to remain competitive—especially as the retail and e-Commerce markets continue to change drastically. With this system, GEODIS will be well-equipped to meet demand, thanks to the advanced automation in this new omnichannel facility.”


Bastian Solutions is one of the leading partners in AutoStore installations. This project marks the second AutoStore system that Bastian Solutions has implemented on behalf of GEODIS. Construction is currently underway for an AutoStore system at a highly automated fulfillment site on behalf of a top pet product retailer, which is expected to be completed in November 2021.


"It is an exciting time for retailers, especially given the substantial increase in e-Commerce orders that we have seen over the past 18 months," said Paul Roy, North American General Manager for AutoStore. "We've always aimed to provide an autonomous robotic solution that empowers our customers to fully leverage their warehouse operations to ensure an efficient, reliable and sustainable supply chain. Now, in partnership with GEODIS and Bastian Solutions, we're proud to continue empowering retailers with a system that delivers the highest throughput globally."


To learn more about GEODIS, visit www.geodis.com. To learn more about Bastian Solutions and AutoStore, visit www.bastiansolutions.com