GEODIS achieves “Investors in People” accreditation across Asia Pacific


Recent efforts in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) have resulted in Investors in People (IIP) accreditation in 12 locations in which GEODIS operates. Based on the concept of sustainable high performance through people, the IIP certification, an international standard for people management, confirms GEODIS' commitment to caring for and developing its people.


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GEODIS has seen its activities accredited in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

With a detailed structure of nine key indicators, the criteria of which have been developed over 30 years, IIP accreditation is recognized in 66 countries around the world. Companies must achieve proven set levels of performance in three well-defined areas of personnel management: Leading, Supporting and Improving.

“The IIP key indicators of performance are very much aligned with our own seven corporate ‘Golden Rules’ and seven ‘Leadership Principles’,” explains Anne Tan, Head of Human Resources, APAC for GEODIS. “Leading and inspiring our people by engaging and empowering them to take ownership of the performance is critical. In addition, each and everyone’s abilities are actively developed, allowing our people to realize their potential, creating a culture that encourages innovation and continuous improvement to drive sustainable success. We consider IIP accreditation as an independent measure confirming the success of our guiding principles.”

Having a clear and compelling ambition is seen as central to achieving and sustaining accreditation. GEODIS’ strategic plan, Ambition 2023, is backed by a structured Transformation Program, in place since 2019. This program is led and sponsored by the APAC Board members and provides a blueprint for the different functional and commercial areas in the company to develop and grow within 5 years to meet its accelerated growth objectives.

“GEODIS in APAC is on a journey of growth through transformation. In an ever-rapid changing environment, embracing innovation and being flexible in operating as a team and as a region will be key in increasing GEODIS’ market share and relevance,” says Onno Boots, Regional President & CEO, Asia Pacific. “Programs such as the recently launched ‘Manage!’ supports leaders through training and is an example of how GEODIS is investing in its people and their readiness to meet the challenges of a fast-growing team. In addition, GEODIS continues to enable career progression for all staff through detailed development plans for individuals at all levels. The aim is to attract younger people and retain talented performers with the excitement of a logistics career at the precipice of change, while providing them the job stability of belonging to a global organization.”

Some other examples of what GEODIS has been carrying out to achieve the IIP accolades include:

  • Setting up of Employee Engagement Focus groups to review results, identify root causes and propose recommendations, corresponds to one of the nine IIP key indicators labelled “Empowering and involving people”. IIP‘s comments include, “The new Employee Engagement Focus group is a clear indication that the leaders want people to be more engaged and involved.”, and “A very good practice is involving people in action planning based on the results of the Employee Engagement Survey (EES). This has been done by asking for volunteers to join the focus group through a feedback process.”.
  • The cross-department job rotation schemes in various ASEAN countries is an initiative that is in line with the IIP indicator entitled “Structuring work” within the ‘Support’ sector. IIP’s remarks include, “This good practice enhances the acquisition of additional skills and competencies of your people. A broader job profile will give people more scope to grow within their roles.”.
  • All GEODIS’ teams in APAC employ the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt approach and EES planning processes, actions that conform with the IIP Indicator “Delivering continuous improvement.” IIP’s reaction being, “LSS is potentially transformative, not just in cost saving and efficiency, but in engaging and developing your people.”.


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SingaporeFeb 2021Dec 2023
BangladeshMar 2021
IndonesiaJan 2024
AustraliaApr 2021Nov 2023
New Zealand


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