“GEODIS City Delivery” for even faster urban deliveries 


With its new digital platform, GEODIS enables retailers to deliver goods such as fashion items, health and personal care and high-tech merchandise directly to US consumers from the closest retail store in just a few hours thanks to a combined delivery network of traditional carriers and private individuals.


City Delivery

“We wanted to have our own technology, based on our expertise in transport and logistics, to support the deployment of new services for even faster urban delivery. This technology utilizes already existent resources and helps to relieve congestion in urban centers. With this new platform, GEODIS can roll out a new distribution network in an extremely agile manner, anywhere in the world and very quickly,” says Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of GEODIS.


A digital application and control center to ensure real-time tracking


GEODIS has developed its own digital platform. Incorporated in it is a driver mobile application called GEODIS Zipline for the dedicated use within its partners network and for individuals providing the local delivery services.


Order tracing is a priority for retailers and the consumer. Both are looking for reliable advice on an individual package’s predicted delivery time.  GEODIS Zipline provides such visibility and closely monitors all deliveries via a centralized web application, supporting both clients and drivers with real time data.


Individuals, selected according to a rigorous process, may choose to take countless deliveries throughout the day, or simply choose deliveries that align with their own daily commute. Drivers have visibility to see a live map with available orders in their area, and then independently select those they prefer. Drivers may chat with the support center through a messaging service embedded within the GEODIS Zipline driver app.


“This powerful mobile technology provides each driver with a central point of communication, a benefit that makes the opportunity to work with GEODIS highly attractive”, points out Gina Anderson, Vice President of Solutions & Growth of the Supply Chain Optimization line of business of GEODIS. “Beyond the freshness of crowdsourced delivery, our technology allows us to offer our customers, particularly retailers and e-merchants, an innovative logistics solution that draws simultaneously on all the transport capacities available in the market,” says Anderson.


GEODIS Zipline has already helped manage thousands of deliveries each week by companies across the US.