GEODIS Continues to Expand e-Commerce Capabilities, Announces New Integrations with Shopify, Amazon in the US


GEODIS in Americas, among the top third-part logistics (3PL) providers in the U.S., today continued to expand its e-Logistics solutions for customers with the announcement of two major marketplace integrations with Shopify and Amazon Drop Shipping. 


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“As online shopping has accelerated, GEODIS is constantly strengthening and evolving our IT solutions to provide the brands we serve with easy, efficient, and effective ways to get their products to consumers,” said Pal Narayanan Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer of GEODIS in Americas.  “We’re excited to announce two important integrations with Shopify and Amazon that will further expand our e-Logistics capabilities for GEODIS customers in the US.”


GEODIS is now integrated directly with Shopify to fulfill online orders and ensure seamless data flow between Shopify’s digital storefront and supply chain. GEODIS can directly pull orders and push ship notifications and tracking back to Shopify. This integration provides brands with inventory sync between Shopify and GEODIS and offers full visibility from order to ship.


GEODIS also announced it is fully integrated with Amazon’s third-party marketplace with the capabilities to now provide drop shipping for its customers. This enables brands to sell products through Amazon while continuing to utilize GEODIS as its logistics partner to fulfill orders and ship directly to the end consumer.ular during the Renaissance. The first line of Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..", comes from a line in section 1.10.32.