GEODIS employees in warehouse

Warehousing Solutions and Value-Added Services

GEODIS offers Warehousing Solutions with Value-added Services adapted to your needs: from storage on dedicated platforms to multi-client campuses or on-site logistics. Our advanced IT solutions can also help you manage your inventory and guarantee total stock visibility. GEODIS' solutions are targeted to cost-effectively manage your logistics, reduce inventory cost, and make your supply chain more efficient. A range of additional warehouse management  services extend from building displays for your promotional campaigns to car assembly operations.

When it comes to warehouse logistics, GEODIS offers flexible storage solutions, picking and packing services, cross-dock operations, and KPI reporting for continuous improvement. Depending on your business needs, you can opt for multi-customer sites, logistics campuses, or dedicated warehouses with manual or automated solutions. Our adapted warehousing solutions include dynamic storage, pall rack, mezzanine, storage at ambient or controlled temperature, bonded warehouses, and high-security zones for sensitive products. See details

Your order fulfillment process is one of the key drivers behind your customer experience – and market trends show that consumers are looking for products faster and cheaper. By outsourcing your fulfillment activities to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like GEODIS, you gain the benefits of our warehousing and 'pick, pack, ship' expertise. Our proven fulfillment systems, processes, and people will work together to provide you with a seamless experience: you will have the right products in stock, and get them to the right customers, at the right time. See details

As all supply chain experts know, contract logistics is not just about storing and distributing your goods. GEODIS provides a wide range of innovative value-added services tailored to your business activity: from ironing garments on hangers to completing technical tests of drones. Our additional services streamline the entire logistics process, increasing the productivity and flexibility of your supply chain, improving inventory management, and reducing inventory stock. See details

Increased competition in the labor market and record-low unemployment mean that the recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining of your workforce requires real expertise. GEODIS can provide comprehensive warehouse labor resources ranging from pickers and packers to management-level resources such as HR, maintenance, IT, engineering, finance, and safety teams. Our campus-based warehousing model also enables us to easily shift labor resources in and out of your operation based on seasonal or fluctuating needs, resulting in the most cost-effective labor solutions. See details

GEODIS establishes teams on-site or directly next to your manufacturing sites to optimize your supplier flows and provide production support. We'll use our extensive industrial expertise to manage all supply activities for your production operations, from sub-assembly and industrial packaging to sequenced or just-in-time delivery. GEODIS will ensure that the components, parts, and kits required in your workshops or on your assembly lines are available when needed. See details

Logistics of spare parts represents numerous challenges, as one missing small part can stop the whole manufacturing process. Thus, your spare parts management needs to be reactive and flexible. You can cope with parts availability problems by entrusting their management to GEODIS.   Our contract logistics teams offer end-to-end solutions: engineering of storage space according to the size and the nature of spare parts, warehousing, inventory management, distribution and reverse logistics. See details

A Free-Trade Zone (or Foreign-Trade zone) allows companies to land, store, handle and re-export goods without paying customs duties. As an expert in FTZ solutions, GEODIS will help you admit foreign origin merchandise to facilities in these zones. You won’t have to pay taxes or duties until they are transferred to a domestic market. See details

GEODIS employees in warehouse

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