Fulfillment & Omnichannel Logistics

We optimize order fulfillment to avoid stockouts & backorders. GEODIS delivers steady inventory availability, across channels, to delight your eCommerce shoppers.

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Level-up your customer experience

Stockouts are disappointing. GEODIS helps you avoid it, by understanding your fulfillment goals & acting on them.


Our fulfillment & omnichannel services ensure that the right products are in-stock & delivered at the right time, to the right destination. For improved eCommerce fulfillment efficiency, bank on our capabilities in warehousing and transportation.


The result: best buying experience ever for your B2B, B2C, or D2C customers. Trust us to handle (in full or part) all your SKUs, from order placement to delivery & returns.

  • Scalable and flexible fulfillment.svg
    Scalable and flexible fulfillment.svg

    Enable scalable & flexible fulfillment

  • inventory_and_order_acurracy.svg

    Power inventory and order accuracy

  • speed_to_deliver.svg

    Improve speed-to-delivery

  • seamless_customer_experience.svg

    Deliver seamless customer experience

Scalable & flexible fulfillment

Enable scalable & flexible fulfillment


  • Leverage multiple fulfillment locations


  • Access outsourced warehouses


  • Scalable surface and resources upon volumes
Inventory Management

Power inventory and order accuracy


  • Ensure only the right products are in stock


  • Gain visibility of available inventory


  • Ensure orders are prepared in full


  • Harness state-of-the art digital tools
Improve speed to delivery

Improve speed-to-delivery


  • Speed-up the pick & pack process


  • Gain 360° inventory visibility


  • Ensure shipping from the closest warehouse


  • Enjoy late daily order cut-off
Customer experience and logistics

Deliver seamless customer experience


  • Deliver orders, placed via any consumer channel, to the right place


  • Deliver orders at the right time


  • Manage returns cost-efficiently


  • Increase customer loyalty



Your order fulfillment is our priority. As experts in warehousing & transportation, we efficiently manage the order storage, picking, packing, & transport.

Omnichannel fulfillment

Selling through multiple channels, including D2C, B2B, & wholesale? We help efficiently distribute your products, stored within a single facility.


Integrate our eLogistics solution into your eShop to enable smart order fulfillment, from any of our multiple logistics sites.

Scalable Fulfillment for Online Marketplaces

GEODIS is a one-stop fulfillment solution for online marketplaces. We manage inbound replenishment, scalable fulfillment, delivery & even return management.

Returns management from all channels

GEODIS manages your returns from all channels. Enjoy stress-free reboxing, ticketing, tagging, garment repairs, and recycling.

Foster business growth with faster order fulfillment

Ever since the eCommerce boom, online retailers have been striving to offer customers access to their products from anywhere, any place, and at any time. They also seek to continually shorten delivery lead-times. To achieve these goals, you need innovative logistics solutions that enable quick fulfillment and distribution.

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"Outsource your fulfillment activities to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like GEODIS. Whether you are a marketplace or a brand selling online, you stand to gain from our expertise in warehousing and 'picking, packing, & shipping'. And our proven fulfillment systems, processes, and people will help deliver a seamless experience to your customers."


Jean Pierre Juteau, Managing Director GEODIS eLogistics Europe

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GEODIS offers end-to-end warehousing services including flexible storage, picking & packing, cross-docking, & real-time KPI reporting.


Cross-border small parcel shipping has never been more reliable. GEODIS MyParcel guarantees international small parcel delivery from the USA, in 4 to 6 days. 

Reverse Logistics

Optimize reverse logistics, with GEODIS’ proven returns model & international network. We design reverse flows to protect your profits & shopper experience.

Customized and Value Added Services

Outsourced logistics is about more than just the storage & distribution of goods. GEODIS provides a range of innovative, value-added services, tailored to your business.

Frequently asked questions

What type of products can be stored and shipped by a fulfillment service?

You may ship and store all kinds of goods, from mobile phones to food items and clothes, through a third-party fulfillment service. These 3PL vendors usually offer custom solutions to take care of the end-to-end logistics involved in delivering the order from point A to point B.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a fulfillment service?

  • Delivery speeds and costs to match your requirement
  • Access to a wide network of well-situated warehouses & fulfillment center
  • Scalable solutions with omni channel eCommerce logistics capabilities
  • Smart and optimized returns management
  • Choice of sustainable fulfillment solutions
  • Powerful technology platforms to manage eCommerce fulfillment

What does an e-commerce fulfillment provider do?

Your eCommerce fulfillment provider is responsible for securing your goods and storing them at the fulfillment center. Then, they pick, pack, and deliver the goods to your customer. Sometimes, they can also be charged with managing the reverse logistics of customer returns.

How can I optimize my fulfillment process?

  • Make your online store user-friendly website for customers to easily place their orders
  • Use an order management platform
  • Improve SKU handling to avoid damages during the fulfillment process
  • Employ an inventory management to consistently track, manage, and analyze stock levels
  • Carefully manage the acquisition, storage, and transportation of stock
  • Or skip all these steps (above) and outsource your fulfillment [process to a trusted 3PL

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