Customized and Value-Added Services

Outsourced logistics is about more than just the storage & distribution of goods. GEODIS provides a range of innovative, value-added services, tailored to your business.

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Bespoke value-added services that work for your business


Your business stands to gain immense value from our customized and value-added solutions that include:


  • Technical testing of drones
  • Building displays for promotional campaigns
  • Garment ironing
  • Product assembly
  • Automatic inventory counting
  • Delivery coordination of complicated & oversized products 


Use these additional services to streamline your entire supply chain process, increase supply chain productivity & flexibility, improve inventory management, and reduce inventory excess.



Our Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI), powered by next-gen tech, guarantees SKU restocking at the right time with improved supply chain visibility.

Spare parts management

Make spare parts management reactive & flexible with our logistics solutions customized to industries such as automotive, industrial, aerospace, & defence.

Robotic Warehousing solutions

Choose flexible & scalable warehouse automation to boost business efficiency. Think robotics, platform integrations, & smart information technology. 

Eco-design Approach

Reduce your environmental footprint with GEODIS. Our eco-design approach notes the environmental impact of logistics operations & offers sustainable fixes.

Order to cash

Adopt our integrated order to cash solution that manages all stages of the workflow, from receipt of sales orders to its treatment & payment processing.

Quality control

The quality of your goods is everything. So, this service guarantees careful (& at times complex) quality assessments at various points along the supply chain. 

Product roll-out & customized services

Ace product rollouts with hardware & software customization, software imaging, & asset tagging. Also avail white glove services like sewing or custom packaging.

White glove services

We offer special handling of oversized, fragile, & non-traditional goods. Services include appointment scheduling, inside delivery, assembly, & debris removal.

Kitting & promotional logistics

Warehouse kitting optimizes time & storage by reducing finished goods inventory. We also offer repacking, relabelling, sleeving, banding, & other services.

Custom solutions for unique supply chains

A good logistics partner (3PL) will act as an extension of your business. They allow you to focus more time & resources on the core business, rather than the daily complexities of logistics.


To give your retail business an edge, select from value-added services, such as quality control, labelling, & assembling units. And then, trust the 3PL to customize each service, to suit your business needs.

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Frequently asked questions

How do value added and custom logistics solutions help reduce costs?

When you adopt value added logistics solution, you can avoid inventory excess & improve stock rotation efficiency. This in turn, reduces costs of inventory storage and wastage.
And by improving productivity of logistics processes, this solution also reduces the costs of employing more personnel to execute every day, transactional processes.

Are you looking for value added outsourcing logistics?

If you are looking to outsource tactical & transactional processes to a third-party logistics (3PL) vendor, then choose GEODIS. Our value-added and customized global logistics solutions help boost supply chain productivity & flexibility, improve stock management, and reduce inventory excess.

What are some examples of GEODIS value added services?

Our value–added and custom logistics solutions include technical testing of drones, building displays for promotional campaigns, garment ironing, product assembly, automatic inventory counting, & delivery coordination of complicated & oversized products.

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