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If there is a way to do things better, GEODIS makes it happen. Meet the unique needs of your most complex projects with our innovation-first project logistics solutions.

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Innovative services for your complex project logistics

We take the worry of special handling of goods and equipment off your plate.


GEODIS customizes and implements end-to-end transportation of complex, oversized, & extra-heavy cargo for you. 


Our dedicated network of 550+ specialists, in 35 countries, deliver compliant & secure logistics solutions. Some of our core services range from chartering to transport engineering and risk assessment. 


Trust us to help you think out of the box when dealing with logistics risks, especially in large capital projects and the oil & gas and aid & relief sectors.

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    services tailored.svg

    Offer services tailored to your specific needs

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    leverage project logistics.svg

    Leverage project logistics experts across the globe

  • visibility_at_every_step.svg

    Deliver project supply chain visibility at every step

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    Ensure safety and compliance

Project Logistics

Offer services tailored to your specific needs


  • Harness innovative, flexible, & dedicated logistics solutions


  • Collaborate with our team, from project pre-planning to execution


  • Gain access to bespoke supply chain management plans


  • Learn how to use technologies that trace, control, manage, & secure your logistics flows
International project logistics experts

Leverage project logistics experts across the globe


  • Turn our wide network of experts into your competitive advantage


  • Employ our experts to improve your supply chain safety, compliance, visibility, efficiency, and cost containment
Supply chain visibility

Deliver project supply chain visibility at every step


  • Use our track & trace system for real-time, door-to-door shipment visibility & customs brokerage updates


  • Improve logistics efficiency and cost-effectiveness


  • Shorten implementation timeframes


  • Enable simple accessibility in one location via our visibility tool, IRIS
Project logistics safety and compliance

Ensure safety and compliance


  • Prioritize safety and security of people in all aspects of project logistics


  • Prevent lost time incidents, to improve productivity


  • Strictly comply with ethics and business conduct expectations


Renewable Energy

GEODIS offers dedicated logistics services for the renewable energy industry. We have completed 100+ wind projects and 50+ solar projects in the last decade. 

Capital Projects

We manage capital-intensive logistics projects, in the renewable energy, mining, petrochemical & refinery, infrastructure, and power industries. 


GEODIS supports seismic, drilling, and resupply & servicing industries, powered by our global logistics hubs & proprietary warehouse management system. 

Aid & Relief

We are the logistics partner to humanitarian aid & relief agencies. When a crisis occurs, we operate 24/7 to ensure supplies reach those in need quickly.

Marine Logistics

From freight forwarding to shore base management, we offer holistic marine logistics services. GEODIS’ robust vessel tracking system is a highly valued feature. 


Optimize high-capacity shipping, powered by our ocean chartering team. GEODIS ensures delivery as per agreed project laycans & transit times, & sans cargo damage.  

Transport Engineering

Depend on our in-house transport engineers to find ways of delivering goods, such as heavy lifts and over-dimensional cargo, with greater safety & efficiency. 

Risk Assessment

Need project-specific logistics risk mitigation plans? Hazard identification & control are key aspects of our service that safeguards people & the environment. 

Subcontractor Management

Need more hands to support your project? GEODIS has you covered. We have stringent policies for the approval & control of logistics & transport subcontractors.

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Luke Mace, Senior Vice President Project logistics

"GEODIS offers robust global coverage, with freight forwarding in more than 60 countries. We also have dedicated projects teams in 35 countries. Our industry-leading IT solutions are powered by customer-facing proprietary systems, while our in-house engineering teams create new solutions in old markets. GEODIS' project logistics solutions are also supported by subject-matter-experts and best-in-class operations teams. "


Luke Mace, Senior Vice President Project Logistics - GEODIS

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Customs & Trade

Grow your global footprint, as GEODIS helps you set-up strong customs business partnerships. Our experts simplify customs management & international trade compliance.


GEODIS offers end-to-end warehousing services including flexible storage, picking & packing, cross-docking, & real-time KPI reporting.

Specialized Transport Solutions

Do your goods need special handling? GEODIS offers a range of specialized transport solutions, tailored to your industry needs & fully compliant with security requests.

Supply Chain Management

We don't just offer supply chain advisory. We put it into action. Trust GEODIS’ complementary set of solutions to reinvent & optimize your supply chain.

Frequently asked questions

What is project logistics?

Project logistics is typically classified into three types: spot out of gauge (OOG) shipments, turnkey projects, and resupply. All project cargo must be quoted and executed by project experts who understand how to transport oversized, overweight, and over dimensional cargo. Additionally, it's critical to focus on Q-HSSE and compliance at all times.  

What is the role of engineering logistics in manufacturing?

Our engineering teams are here to support planning for all out of gauge shipments. They ensure that the cargo is delivered to the site and in the safest way possible.

How does project logistics help to reduce costs?

Many times, businesses find out too late that the cargo cannot be delivered to the required destination, for various reasons. Sometimes it's because the goods are too large, heavy or complex. By engaging with transport engineers early on in the project, you can ensure cargoes are delivered on time and on budget. 

How does project logistics differ from regular logistics services?

When transporting everyday goods like clothes, non-perishable food, or toys, the logistics is fairly straightforward. But for larger, heavy, or complex cargo, you need special arrangements to be made. This is where project logistics comes into play. Not all logistics companies can offer project logistics solutions. This is because, unlike regular logistics services, project logistics requires a culture of innovation, expertise, and technologies to safely handle complex, oversized, & extra-heavy cargo. Special handling of goods is done in innovative ways by project logistics teams at 3PL providers like GEODIS.   

Can GEODIS handle oversized and heavy cargo?

Armed with the latest technologies and experience, GEODIS offers bespoke logistics system design and operations, especially for out of gauge cargo or other goods that need special handling. This means you can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs when handling oversized and heavy cargo.  


How can I get a quote for my project logistics needs?

Project logistics requirements tend to differ from customer to customer. If you wish to secure a personalized quote for your company’s project logistics needs, request a quote.

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