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A warehouse can play a crucial role in your supply chain, with the power to either improve or diminish your bottom line. Our warehouse solutions cover everything from “pick, pack, ship,” inventory management, cross-docking, labor, and more, supported by a variety of continuous improvement initiatives that position you for higher cost-savings and increase your speed to market.

GEODIS uses 43 million square feet across our 19 campuses (or cluster of warehouses) in the offer the flexibility you need for a growth-enabled supply chain.

An Integrated Supply Chain

As experts in both warehousing and transportation, we can streamline your operations to optimize your entire supply chain. Our management services integrate with any warehouse, whether operated by our team, another third-party logistics (3PL) provider, or your own organization.

Campus-Based Warehousing

A campus is a network of multi-tenant, warehouse operations located within close proximity of each other. Utilizing our campus-based warehousing model gives you increased flexibility and cost savings by “sharing” key resources across the campus.

Additionally, our strategic campus locations enable you to reach 99.5% of the U.S. population in two days or less, giving you the fulfillment capability to meet your fulfillment demands and fast-shipping requirements.

Pop-Up Warehousing for Peak Seasons

Pop-Up Warehouses are temporary, strategically-placed facilities that provide extra operational space to address volume surges, most often during peak seasons. You can leverage a pop-up warehouses in a different region to reduce shipping charges and speed up your final-mile transit time.

The flexibility of our pop-up warehouses give you the backbone for a growth-enabled supply chain, ready to meet the ever-changing volume demands in your business.

Dedicated Operations Team

Your operation receives an on-site management team and workforce trained specifically on your product and culture; we become an extension of your brand. Our affinity produces continuous improvement projects and initiatives to identify additional cost savings and efficiencies in the operation.

Technology within Our Warehouses

We support our warehouse campuses with various technology systems, including our warehouse management system (WMS). By using our IT tools, you avoid investments in redundant, inadequate, or antiquated IT resources and gain the benefits of our continual investments in improving and adding features to our technology.

storage in a warehouse

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