Shaping a global brand through sports and logistics excellence

A closer look at GEODIS Park, the US and Canada’s largest soccer stadium, reveals a tale of community engagement and employee pride built on top of a unique brand partnership.

As the largest soccer-specific stadium in the US and Canada, with a capacity of over 30,000 seats, GEODIS Park is not only a monumental architectural marvel in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood but a symbol of sporting grandeur and community unity. In this article, we examine the importance of GEODIS Park to the city of Nashville, exploring the pivotal role played by the vibrant community and diving into the partnership between Nashville Soccer Club and GEODIS, which enabled an experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional sporting arenas.


These initiatives showcase our commitment to social inclusion and positive development within our surroundings. They demonstrate how our impact extends beyond the seats of GEODIS Park, as we actively contribute to the community's well-being. This is achieved through collaborative partnerships, donations, and a community-focused approach that not only enhances our brand visibility but also solidifies our position as a socially responsible global company with French roots. We are dedicated to leveraging our international presence to create opportunities and foster positive change.

Elevating communities: collaborative impact beyond the stadium seats


In our commitment to positively impacting the local community, the collaborative partnership between GEODIS and Nashville Soccer Club (Nashville SC) has transcended the boundaries of the soccer pitch, influencing both the logistics sector and the neighborhoods surrounding GEODIS Park.


Over the past two years, our collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank Middle Tennessee has seen us provide 1,500 relief boxes and an impressive 26,500 meals. Moreover, through our participation in the PENCIL’s DG Pencil Box, GEODIS teams have actively supported local teachers during "packathons," where they assemble bags filled with essential school supplies. This not only aids in developing the local education system but also strengthens our ties with the neighborhood. As Joel Wright, PENCIL’s Partnerships and Programs Coordinator, emphasizes, "It means so much to the teachers, parents, and their kids to have the involvement of Nashville S.C. and GEODIS."

"It means so much to the teachers, parents, and their kids to have the involvement of Nashville S.C. and GEODIS"

Joel Wright, Coordinator of DG PENCIL Box Program

GEODIS Teammates: A winning team of social champions


At the core of our impactful community engagement initiatives are the devoted individuals who power change: GEODIS Teammates. With an impressive team size of over 3,000 in Tennessee alone, our teammates form the backbone of our commitment to making a positive impact. GEODIS Park becomes a source of pride for our teammates in the logistics sector, offering them the unique opportunity to attend exhilarating soccer matches, concerts, and international sporting events.


This fosters a sense of community and engagement and integrates the sport into their broader entertainment experience. Interactions with Nashville SC in various community partnerships, such as those with Second Harvest Food Bank and the DG PENCIL Box, enhance our teammates' professional experience, creating a profound connection between their roles and the positive development of the local neighborhood.


As avid volunteers, GEODIS teammates actively participate in community initiatives, contributing their time and skills to projects that align with our collective commitment to social responsibility. Their unwavering dedication ensures that GEODIS's impact extends beyond logistics, creating a positive footprint that reaches the hearts of our teammates and the supporters who make our stadium's seats come alive with energy.

Building a global brand on top of a global sport


GEODIS has crafted an innovative solution that intertwines the world of supply chain into the fabric of the fan experience with our Match Ball Delivery. Before the start of every home match at GEODIS Park, we deliver the match ball to kick off the match through a comprehensive video spotlighting the global logistics network of GEODIS and ending with a surprise delivery of the ball featuring GEODIS teams, local celebrities, musicians, pyrotechnics, and even a drone.”


Our unique brand marketing strategy embodies the fusion of sports and logistics on a global stage. GEODIS has seamlessly integrated influencer marketing into our brand-building endeavors, with Nashville SC Defender Shaq Moore, serving as our dynamic brand ambassador. Through his vibrant presence on social media, Moore passionately shares the story of GEODIS and its logistics prowess with his global fans. As the first U.S. brand ambassador for GEODIS, Moore expresses excitement about the brand's active engagement with Nashville SC over the past two seasons, saying, "It's an honor to represent GEODIS on and off the field and see what we can achieve together in our local community and beyond."


This strategic collaboration extends beyond individual endorsements, boasting an impressive brand reach through the players' collective influence during soccer matches and other entertainment events. As we look ahead, GEODIS is poised to unveil further philanthropic initiatives in the coming months, reinforcing our commitment to community impact and societal well-being. The symbiotic relationship between GEODIS and Nashville SC elevates brand awareness and fosters pride and engagement among GEODIS employees. This unique bond extends to the soccer club's teammates, positioning GEODIS not just as a logistics industry leader but as a global company with strong ties to a global sport (soccer).

"Whether celebrating our fans, supporters, local community partners and the people of Nashville and our region as a whole through the GEODIS Community Flag, which is displayed at home matches, collecting toys for families during the holidays, or providing free youth access to soccer at mini pitches across Nashville, GEODIS has given endless support to make a difference in our community."

Brandon Hill, Nashville SC Head of Community Engagement. 

GEODIS Park: Where sports, community, and excellence come together


GEODIS Park stands not only as the largest soccer-specific stadium in the US and Canada, but as a symbol of the commitment to community welfare, employee fulfillment, and global brand prominence. Through philanthropic initiatives, dynamic brand ambassadors, and an unwavering focus on positive societal impact, GEODIS and Nashville SC have seamlessly integrated sports, entertainment, and logistics.


The unique convergence of these elements sets GEODIS apart as a global brand and industry leader, creating a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of the stadium seats. In GEODIS Park, the world witnesses not just a stadium but a testament to the power of collaboration, commitment, and the enduring spirit of a brand that transcends boundaries and resonates on a global scale.

Lane Williams

Lane Williams

Senior Manager, Sports Marketing, GEODIS Americas Region

Lane joined GEODIS in July 2020 and serves as Senior Manager of Sports Marketing within the Americas region. He leads strategy development and all tactical decisions to activate a cohesive, compelling brand experience related to GEODIS’ sponsorship of Nashville SC and the naming rights for GEODIS Park. He manages the brand experience across a wide range of marketing channels and audiences to best serve GEODIS’ teammates, clients, and community through the historic partnership for the company.