A new agreement between Ariston and GEODIS anchored in territories and sustainable transport
A new agreement between Ariston and GEODIS anchored in territories and sustainable transport
Tue 27/10/2020 - 08:30

A new agreement between Ariston and GEODIS anchored in territories and sustainable transport

The agreement will allow the transport of Ariston goods throughout the Italian territory in a sustainable way thanks to GEODIS low-carbon vehicles.
The two brands thus join their forces, demonstrating the importance of support to the Italian territory and Marche Region.

Milan, October 27th, 2020: during the inauguration ceremony held yesterday in Genga (Ancona, Marche), Ariston and GEODIS, show the new low CO2 emission fleet of towing vehicles, owned by the international company leader in the transport and logistics sector and customized by the main international brand of the Ariston Thermo Group. Attending this event, Mario Salari - Head of Italy Ariston Thermo - Luciano Viticchiè - SC&Logistics Director Italy Ariston Thermo - and Antonio Ottaviani - Director of Transport at GEODIS.

The partnership will allow the vehicles, classified as semi-trailers, to transport goods (including Ariston’s hybrid systems and heat pumps) throughout most of Italy, especially in Campania, Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Emilia–Romagna Regions. Ariston has always been a promoter of sustainability values with products designed to offer people maximum comfort, with high attention to environment.
The cooperation agreement was announced in the town of Genga (Ancona), meant to underline the deep relation between Ariston brand and the Marche Region. In fact, in this region, to be precise in Fabriano, the Ariston Thermo Group was founded 90 years ago and now boasts 8 production plants in Italy.

An important settlement with a deep meaning, which followed a difficult period like the one just ended, that aims to demonstrate, even more, the concrete commitment of Ariston and GEODIS towards the territory, sustainability and restart of production and transport activities.

"We are proud of this partnership with such an important company for wheel transport as GEODIS and of being at the same time close to the citizens - says Mario Salari, Head of Italy Ariston Thermo. "We believe that this kind of initiatives, which provide common efforts implementation, make possible to offer real support to the Italian territory and, in particular, to the Marche region, our homeland ".

"We express great satisfaction for the launch of this new logistics partnership, consolidating our knowhow in a sector that we master. We have gained significant experience in this field and we are becoming an important benchmark "- states Francesco Cazzaniga, President and CEO of GEODIS in Italy -" Meeting the needs, the business of a customer like Ariston, is also an excellent opportunity to confirm our attention to sustainability and the territory. A collaboration looking to the future, actively supporting the production and transport’s recovery in Italy”.

Ariston promotes once again the values linked to Italianness and respect for the environment, choosing a partner who is equally attentive to this philosophy. In addition, the brand aims to distribute its products throughout the Italian territory in order to offer maximum comfort and efficiency to anyone who so desires.


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