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Customer Advisory Bulletin


Latest update: 05/19/2020

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Regulatory Updates from Local Authorities

Latest update: 05/26/2020

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Freight Operations

Latest update: 05/26/2020

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Market Outlook

Latest update: 05/26/2020

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GEODIS AirDirect Service Between Europe – USA

Latest update: 05/25/2020

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GEODIS AirDirect Services Between China – Europe - US and AirDirect Mexico

Latest update: 05/26/2020

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GEODIS AirDirect Europe to Australia / New Zealand

Latest update: 05/07/2020

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GEODIS Rail Solution China – Europe

Latest update: 03/05/2020

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GEODIS Ocean Solution for Shipments in Transit

Latest update: 04/16/2020

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Latest Customer Advisory Bulletin

Update: 26 May 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

We continue to report operational constraints related to GEODIS services only when they occur. At our locations not mentioned operations are running as usual as far as we know.

The majority of GEODIS offices across China are operating with normally; our GEODIS Wuhan branch has received the local authority’s greenlight to resume to work at the office. The status of our Chinese offices and warehouses can be found HERE.

GEODIS also provides the latest updates on the operations in our network countries where our agent partners are serving on our behalf, please find the information  HERE.

In France, the lifting of the lockdown begins on the 11 of May. This means the resumption of activity for a large number of companies, and for D&E, the gradual return to operational levels aligned as closely as possible to the pace of this recovery.D&E is working to gradually ramp up its resources, in order to allow its express offer to return to normal by June 2. This represents at this deadline, the reinstallation of the essentials:
-              Twice daily delivery
-              Saturday morning delivery
-              top H 
-              LAO (delivery before opening)
-              commitment to express deadlines

D&E restarts on this same date of June 2, the "On Demand" offer and the associated recipient notifications.
The same is true for live animals: restarting of all traffic of live animals from June 2, but with departures only from Monday to Wednesday. The reopening of departures on Thursday will be effective from August 31.
The other temporary adjustments to the D&E commercial offer have been lifted as of Monday the 11 of May: 
-              C.O.D. deliveries
-              Swap deliveries
-              Deposits and collections of goods at our docks for any kind of consignee including private individuals

Concerning individuals, D&E continues to provide delivery to individuals, excluding departments 67, 68 and 90.More than ever, the management of these flows to the individual must be done in strict compliance with the usual B2C support conditions  HERE.
All our deliveries, both private and business, continue to be carried out in compliance with our contactless delivery procedure, in order to guarantee the safety of our employees, our clients and the consignees.
The absolute necessity for our shippers is to verify before sending, that their recipients are able to receive their goods. D&E hope, like its clients, that this economic recovery will be fast, and reaffirm that our mission "to help you succeed by overcoming logistical constraints" is more important to us than ever.

Road Transport in France continues to mobilize its resources to the highest level of efficiency possible to fulfil customer demand. Our aim is to learn how you are preparing for the  progressive restart and to understand  what is important on your markets and in your countries, in the context of even shorter term visibility which will remain a challenge.We are here to share and exchange analysis of the situation, including your short and medium term projections. In this way we hope to provide solutions that will mix capacity and flexibility, and in the same time a guarantee that sanitary rules in force will be strictly respected. For this reason, we have secured a regular delivery of masks and sanitary products to our drivers. We are also working closely with our main transport partners to ensure they can also achieve their missions safely. Contact your local GEODIS office who will be able to rapidly respond to your requirements.

Freight Forwarding activities continue to operate adequately globally. As the GEODIS workforce has transitioned to a remote working environment in most countries around the world, CCL (Cargo Container Lines) Original Bills of Lading, as well as import and export shipments, may not be handled as promptly as expected in most of our European branches. We recommend that you use Express CCL or ask your suppliers at origin to Telex Release the documents through a  local GEODIS office. We remind you that transport documents are available via your Real-Time Information System (IRISaccount through which you can also perform online bookings.

The Contract Logistics Line of Business continues to operate in all GEODIS countries with increased security measures in our warehouses. All employees follow the reccommended preventive measures (frequent handwashing, one-meter distance between co-workers) and our facilities are thoroughly deep cleaned on a daily basis. In addition, activities in healthcare and food warehouses are geared up to ensure efficient delivery in all countries.

In several countries we have started to implement further remote working options for our employees. So far this is not impacting our operational capacity and you can expect to be served as usual.

Regulatory Updates from Local Authorities 
  • Spain: Following the National Recovery plan all regions in Spain that are still on phase 0 will be upgraded to phase 1 this week. Those that are already on phase 1 will move to phase 2, meaning that the recovery plan is going smoothly and the sanitary indicators are under control.  Most companies, both public or private, are combining a mix of home office and face-to-face work, to help recover their activities.
  •  South Africa: Following a severe lockdown period most businesses will be opened with effect 1 June. 

    You can also find the latest updates on Americas  HERE.
Freight Operations 
  • United Cargo is modifying our operations at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) as detailed below:
    • Effective 25 May, United Cargo will no longer accept or transport any outbound shipments at RDU.
    • Also, effective 25 May, all inbound and outbound QPK and Life Guard service will be temporarily suspended at RDU.
    • We will continue to accept GEN and EXP shipments inbound to RDU.
    • Note: Any GEN and EXP shipments that arrive on or after 29 May (and any shipments not yet recovered from our RDU freight facility before 29 May) must be recovered at Forward Air's RDU location.
  • Swiss World Cargo: Following the recent launch of a network of cargo flights, Swiss World Cargo will “continue to fly to different global destinations as part of its cargo network,” says the airline. It serves 11 global destinations and are adding more than 200 weekly flights within Europe as of June 2020.

  • Global Port Restrictions: Due to changes implemented by governments over the last few days, there are further port restrictions around the globe. You can find all the updates HERE.
  • Hapag-Lloyd has announced that as of week 22 the Dakar Express (DEX) will resume regular calls at Lisbon on the southbound leg. By reinstating this call the company says it will offer a reliable connection between Lisbon and Hapag-Lloyd’s global network with competitive transit times. The first vessel which will sail from Lisbon will be Jonni Ritscher Voyage 2020S (ETS Lisbon May 27, 2020). Hapag-Lloyd has also reported that due to operational reasons the Hansa Rendsburg (Voy 2019 S), which is deployed in the Dakar Express Service is delayed by seven days. Currently the vessel is in Antwerp undergoing some emergency repairs.
GEODIS AirDirect Service Between Europe - USA

The U.S. government issued a 30-day ban on travel from Europe and The United Kingdom which will have a significant impact on the movement of trans-Atlantic cargo. GEODIS offers regular flights per week, roundtrip charter flights for cargo between Europe and the United States using the optimal gateways. This new service will connect USA Gateways via Chicago to Liege, Belgium with connecting service to European Gateways. Book now!

Liege to Chicago/New York
Liege to Chicago
Departure scheduled on 29 May 2020
Chicago/New York to Liege

New York to Liege
Departure scheduled on 30 May 2020


GEODIS AirDirect Services Between Asia – Europe - US and AirDirect Mexico
We have established charter solutions to secure the capacity required by our customers for shipments between China & Europe. The next available flights with remaining capacity are:
  • Liege to Shanghai with a scheduled departure on 31 May 2020
  • Shanghai to Liege with a scheduled departure on  28 and 31 May 2020
  • Xiamen to Paris(CDG) with a scheduled departure on 26 May and 1 June 2020
  • Hong Kong to Los Angeles  with a scheduled departure on 26 May 2020

    Please reach out to your GEODIS contacts for more information. 
GEODIS AirDirect Europe to Australia / New Zealand
GEODIS is extending the charter solutions to secure the required capacity for our customers for shipments from Europe via Frankfurt gateway and to Australia via Hong Kong. The flights will be twice a week:
  • Frankfurt to Hong Kong Thursdays with an onward journey from Hong Kong to Sydney Fridays arriving Saturdays
  • Frankfurt to Hong Kong Sundays with an onward journey from Hong Kong to Sydney Mondays arriving Tuesdays

    For further info on this service, please view it on the flyer HERE. Please reach out to your GEODIS contacts for more information.
GEODIS Ocean Solution for Shipments in Transit
We realize that extended lockdowns and temporary company closures, in a variety of countries worldwide, are creating challenges to get your goods delivered to their final destinations. Our teams are here to help you with all your individual logistical requirements. While we continue to maintain the safety of our colleagues against infection, we are working very hard to find suitable solutions for your goods in the most cost-effective manner, which include options below:
  • Storing full import / export containers “off-dock” to avoid high demurrage charges on quay, at carriers’ container terminals.
  • Finding suitable secure container storage facilities close to the receiver’s premises, where possible, to ensure quick delivery once required.
  • Unloading of containers and warehousing of cargo for temporary storage.
  • Solutions through vessel operators to delay shipments in transit or to arrange storage at designated locations.
Please engage your contacts at GEODIS to better understand which solutions are the best options for your business, before your shipments arrive.
GEODIS Rail Solution China - Europe
We have also set up additional block train services between China and Europe to support the dispatch of urgent shipments. Details of the rail solutions between China and Europe with schedules and routes are as follow:

Standard Solution:
  • Xi´an to Hamburg or Duisburg, via Małaszewicze with approx. 18-day transit time, terminal to terminal for FCL shipments. Planned departures every Monday.
  • Hamburg or Duisburg to Xi’an, via  Małaszewicze with approx. 18-day transit time, terminal to terminal for FCL shipments. Planned departures every Wednesday.
  • Chongqing into Duisburg, via Małaszewicze with approx. 18-day transit time, terminal to terminal for LCL shipments. Planned departures every Sunday.
  • Chongqing into Małaszewicze, with approx. 14-day transit time for LCL shipments. Planned departures every Friday.
  • Duisburg into Chongqing, via  Małaszewicze with approx. 18-day transit time for LCL shipments. Planned departures every Saturday.
Express Solution:
  • Xi’an to Hamburg via Mukran with approx. 12-day transit time, terminal to terminal for FCL & LCL shipments. Planned departures every Wednesday.
  • Hamburg to Xi’an via Mukran with approx. 12-day transit time, terminal to terminal for FCL & LCL shipments. Planned departures every Monday.
For bookings and more information, please contact your GEODIS representatives.

Market Outlook:

While air cargo volumes diminished rapidly in March, new data for April offers some hope that the decline may be ‘bottoming out’ in parallel with a possible stabilisation of the global economy.  
According to the latest industry intelligence from CLIVE Data Services, in April air freight volumes declined 39%, year-on-year. The data specialist added that “an even greater capacity drop of 45% highlighted the current shortage of air cargo capacity”.
However, optimism could be found in its week-by-week data which revealed that air cargo volumes stabilised from mid-March to mid-April and became “less bad” during the two weeks to 3 May.
According to figures from CLIVE, global air cargo volumes were down, year-on-year, by 47% in the two weeks to 5 April, and 48% in the week to 12 April, before beginning to recover to a 43% deficit the following week and a deficit of 32% in the two weeks to 3 May.
That recovery of volumes broadly mirrored the pattern of capacity, which sank to a low of more than 50% below its 2019 level in the week to 5 April, according to figures from CLIVE, before gradually recovering.CLIVE, which consolidates data shared by a representative group of international airlines, estimates that global air cargo capacity remained down, year-on-year, by as much as 40% in the week to 3 May.

Source, Lloyd's List, 22 May

For the latest statistics on Coronavirus situation, please refer to the link HERE.

You can also find the latest of these bulletins on LinkedIntwitter or Facebook. Kindly note that additional access to these bulletins has been added to GEODIS' Intelligent Real-Time Information System (IRISas well.
Please rest assured that we will keep you updated of any changes to the current situation. Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your GEODIS Local Representative.

Sincerely Yours,
GEODIS Management Team

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