an airplane flies over a harbor with containers

Air Freight

One-size-fits-all solutions don’t always apply when it comes to Airfreight. GEODIS provides a variety of tailored Air cargo options that make sense for you. Our main services – AirFlex, AirFast and AirSave – are supported by value-added services such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Dangerous Goods Handling, Temperature-Controlled Forwarding and Transport Insurance. 

GEODIS My Parcel is our e-Commerce distinct value proposition which will help you stay competitive and reach your main e-Commerce markets quickly.

Our Airfreight shipping services cover the entire freight transportation process.

Your goods will get to their national or international freight destination safely and on time.

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GEODIS offers on request, Air Charter services to assist customers with urgent shipments and seasonal volumes increase. We arrange dedicated and direct flight to fill the urgent need for capacity to deliver door-to-door, any commodities across continents, including dangerous goods, perishables, or products requesting temperature-controlled shipments. To strengthen our Air Charter offering, GEODIS invested in an Airbus A330-300 freighter, which is secured over the next 5 years. Starting in September 2021, the GEODIS Air freighter schedule is under our full control and offers payload of 62 metrics tons for 480 Cbm., providing you with: • Increased and enhanced reliability, with committed and flexible air freight capacity and faster response times to market volatility • Global coverage • Agility on available capacity Need for more information on this solution? Please, click "Contact us" below and select your location and the activity "Air & Ocean Freight" See details

GEODIS’ Airfreight services are tailored to our customers' requirements. At the same time, they are also highly standardized when it comes to quality of service, global reliability and effectiveness of operational execution. We use three levels of Airfreight services to provide this proven, customer-oriented mix: AirFast, AirFlex and AirSave. We also offer a multi-modal transport that balances the best of our core AifFreight and Ocean Freight activities: our Air-Sea combined transport mode. Our Airfreight shipping services also cover the entire freight transportation process. Your goods will get to their national or international freight destination safely and on time. See details

GEODIS AirDirect is an own operated Airfreight service. It relies on GEODIS controlled aircrafts network, Airfreight expertise, and resources. We ensure a reliable and consistent schedule to help provide safe transport of the cargo across continents to and from major cities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. GEODIS’ Air Freighter: Controlled Capacity at The Right Time and Price To reinforce our AirDirect solution we invested in an Airbus A330-300 freighter. This investment enables us to provide our customers with reliable and flexible capacity on our main trade lanes linking North America, Europe, and Asia. This aircraft is secured for a minimum of 5 years, starting in September 2021 and its schedule is under our full control.  The GEODIS Air freighter offers payload of 62 metrics tons for 480 Cbm.  AirDirect Transpacific  AirDirect Asia-Europe AirDirect Transatlantic AirDirect Intra-Asia See details

Offering a sustainable alternative fuel for Air freight is another step within GEODIS sustainability efforts.   Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is indeed a key element to mitigate aviation's impact on climate change. It is in fact one of the most effective measure at this moment to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of our activities.   It’s produced from sustainable feedstocks (mainly cooking oil) and is very similar in its chemistry to traditional fossil jet fuel. The result of SAF use is a significantly reduced amount of additional carbon introduced into the global carbon cycle of at least 75%. This is one of the strategic paths followed by GEODIS to help reduce CO2 emissions from air freight. See details

Our Air Freight Hand Carry – On-Board Courier service offers the fastest possible delivery time. This is a simple, efficient and reliable option for your urgent, most critical or high-value shipments.   Our experts hand carry the shipment as checked baggage on commercial airlines, giving you access to virtually any destination in the world. Our experienced teams are fully expert in the regulations and restrictions in terms of weight, size, commodity and value. This quickens customs clearance procedures and makes you air cargo immediately available at arrival.  See details

With more than 2,500 flights to over than 220 countries, Fly Express offers very competitive transit times of 1 to 3 days for packages weighing up to 70 kilos. Transit time examples include Paris to New York in 1 day, Lyon to Los Angeles in 2 days and Marseilles to Shanghai in 2 days. This unique air express network covers 95% of the global economy 24/7. See details

The development of e-commerce has created a strong need for parcel solutions that ensure good cross-border transportation from e-commerce vendors and e-retailers to end customers. GEODIS provides end-to-end e-Commerce Cross-border solutions that include parcel processing, customs compliance, air freight, last mile delivery, and even returns handling and liquidations. Our Track & Trace tools also guarantee full supply chain visibility so that your customers know exactly where their parcel is at any time. See details

an airplane flies over a harbor with containers

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