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Supply Chain Solutions

GEODIS doesn’t just deliver value in an advisory role. We can easily manage your freight flows as we add proven information management expertise to continuously optimize your transport plans and provide you the visibility you require thanks to our state-of-the-art digital ecosystem.  

Our experts can also carry out the sourcing and procurement of solutions at your request. Alternatively, you can hand logistics management over to GEODIS under a strategic outsourcing agreement.

With thousands of people proficient in their logistics market in over 60 countries, GEODIS has the expertise, technology and geographic spread to deliver supply chain improvements. With experts certified by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, coupled with our advanced business analytics, GEODIS provides a set of world-class advisory services. From the re-design of a logistics network to a new sourcing strategy, or a straightforward benchmarking of rates, we can help customers in their search for value. See details

GEODIS’ advisory services provide companies with a clear roadmap for enhancing their supply chain. We can identify potential efficiencies, ranging from supplier relationships to the structure of your logistics network. Many organizations also ask us to take the next step – to source and procure the services that will turn these potential benefits into tangible ones, typically through a Request For Tender process. The Supply Chain Optimization’s Line of Business of GEODIS is part of a global 3PL provider, however being an independent structure to guarantee customers and prospects the neutrality needed to design and implement their projects. See details

The complexity of today’s global supply chains has become a major challenge for many companies. Managing logistics can be an unwelcome drain on resources, particularly if a company is growing rapidly. At the same time, opportunities for acquiring expertise in this area can be limited. In cases like these, outsourcing all or part of the supply chain to GEODIS is a cost-effective solution. A strategic outsourcing agreement will specify the precise role for GEODIS, covering key areas such as end-to-end visibility and business analytics, as part of a portfolio of services. See details

In a demanding, international environment, you need a logistics partner who can help you to run a profitable business. One that understands the multitude of aspects involved, including order processing, vendor management, cost performance balance, freight procurement and everyday personnel issues such as arranging driver handovers. GEODIS understands all these challenges. That is why we have designed a proven solution that smooths the path from order to delivery for all our clients, whatever product that needs to be transported. Our solution is based on 3 key components: origin, destination and contract management.  See details

In today’s volatile supply chain, a comprehensive overview of flows is key to managing daily activities and inventory. GEODIS offers a turnkey solution that allows you to manage your purchase orders, oversee their fulfillment, invoice and improve the quality of your services through the analysis of supply chain data. It's called a Control Tower, and it is a perfect way to schedule, implement and manage your logistical, physical, data, and financial flows, with clear visibility and traceability of operations on the ground. No matter what mode of transportation or customs procedures you need, we will record each movement, end-to-end. We'll also provide you with access to all this information through a single point of contact. Control Tower advantages GEODIS' Control Tower approach provides customers with many advantages, including:     Supply chain integration with the ability to view and retrieve logistics information     Reduced non-compliance penalties     Improved decision-making capabilities     Increased visibility and responsiveness     Commitment compliance: schedule, costs, quality, and improved customer satisfaction See details

In addition to providing transport services, GEODIS' goal is to guide the strategic organization of your supply chain. GEODIS can therefore support you in the strategic, tactical and operational management of your transport flows through the digitalization of our solutions and services, our specialized teams of experts, and our own TMS and efficient transport resources. See details

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