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Cross-border small parcel shipping has never been more reliable. GEODIS MyParcel guarantees international small parcel delivery from the USA, in 4 to 6 days.

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US-based retailers selling internationally will agree: cross-border shipping is exhausting & erratic. GEODIS MyParcel makes overseas small parcel delivery hassle-free & economical. It's a reliable way for your ecommerce brand to go global. Our cross-border parcel shipping service enables fast customs clearance & compliance. It also unlocks the right balance between delivery speed and cost, at a transparent total landed cost. 


Ship with GEODIS MyParcel, for guaranteed delivery in 4 to 6 days, to shoppers in 26 European countries, the UK, & Canada.

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    Leverage our global transportation network

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    Send parcels overseas with our integrated digital platform

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    Zoom through customs and compliance

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    Scale with our unmatched eCommerce expertise


Leverage our global transportation network

  • Have parcels picked from US locations, with no volume restrictions


  • Fulfill, in 4 to 6 days, orders sent from the US


  • Discover multiple return options

Up to



drop in shipping costs to the UK

Geodis Myparcel Digital Plateform

Send parcels overseas with our integrated digital platform

  • Use address validation


  • Apply harmonized label generation


  • Track small parcels at every stage


  • Integrate with GEODIS MyParcel platform, web-portal, API, & EDI


window and partner to simplify doing cross-border business

Geodis Parcel Shipping Services

Zoom through customs and compliance

  • Activate duty and tax calculator, at order check-out 


  • Benefit from Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) 


  • Offer transparent landed cost & speed


  • Apply the right HS code and customs clearance classification  


  • Comply with customs regulations GS 21

Up to



customs duties saved with Delivery Duty Paid

E-commerce escalation

Scale with our unmatched eCommerce expertise

  • Harness our cross-border small parcel expertise


  • Benefit from toll-free customer care support




days gained at destination for faster order delivery

Reduce cart abandonment and missed sales opportunities

Cross-border eCommerce sellers are particularly sensitive to the risk of cart abandonment, as compared to domestic merchants. This is why a transparent & itemized list of all fees, including applicable duties and taxes, is essential to reduce cart abandonment. Online international sellers also value strong customer service, visibility on shipment status, and a simple returns process.

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“While there are clear benefits to cross-border and international eCommerce sales, be wary of issues that could cause your retail business to miss out on a market of 450 million potential customers and growth opportunities. A key challenge lies in the inability to fully meet international customer expectations. For instance, many shoppers expect a premium delivery service at an affordable price. This requirement will become more difficult to achieve as cross-border regulations continue to accommodate the rise of direct-to-consumer international eCommerce flows.”


Michael Lamia, Senior Vice President of Global eCommerce

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Frequently asked questions

When you send relatively small parcels in size and weight, typically less than 150 lbs, it's called small parcel delivery. Small parcel delivery can be done by a variety of transportation methods, including ground shipping, air shipping, or even by bicycle or motorcycle in urban areas.

The best delivery service for small packages depends on several factors, including the package size and weight, delivery location, required delivery time frame, and sender's budget. Some of the most popular and reliable small package delivery service providers are USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS (United Parcel Service), FedEx, and DHL.

The small parcel measurements may vary based on the carrier and service being used. Examples of maximum small parcel dimensions are as follows:

  • USPS Priority Mail: Maximum parcel weight up to 70 lbs, length up to 108 inches, length & girth combined up to 130 inches
  • UPS small package: Weight up to 150 lbs, length up to 108 inches, length & girth combined up to 165 inches
  • FedEx small package: Weight up to 150 lbs, length up to 108 inches, length & girth combined up to 165 inches

Here are the general steps to track a small parcel delivery:

  • Get your unique tracking number from the carrier or shipping provider 
  • Go to the carriers website/app
  • Enter your tracking number 
  • Check the delivery status
  • Sign up for delivery notifications, for real-time updates (service offered by some carriers)

Small parcels can be delivered from the US to 26 European countries, the UK, & Canada within the following timeframes:

  • GEODIS MyParcel shipping: 4 to 6 days
  • Express shipping (such as DHL Express or FedEx International Priority): 1-3 business days
  • Standard shipping (such as USPS Priority Mail International or UPS Worldwide Expedited): 6-10 business days

Yes, small parcels can be delivered internationally. The shipping time, cost, & specific requirements for international small parcel delivery may vary depending on the destination country, carrier, or shipping provider used.


When shipping small parcels internationally, it's important to be aware of customs requirements, additional documentation, or restrictions that may apply. Alternatively, just partner with a logistics company like GEODIS to manage small parcel delivery, end to end.

Choose the best small parcel delivery service based on your specific shipping needs, carrier options, & budget. Here are some steps to follow:

  • List your shipping requirements including size & weight of the package, destination country, delivery confirmation, & insurance needs.
  • Research carriers & delivery options, considering factors such as shipping time, cost, reliability, & customer service.
  • Check for additional fees, such as surcharges for oversized goods, or restrictions on certain item types.

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