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Data Protection request form

You can exercise your rights or make a claim on your personal data via the form below.

Any request received will be the subject of an acknowledgment of receipt and a request for clarification no later than 5 days after the sending of the form and the supporting documents requested.

Please note that a proof of your identity will be asked to you in order to ensure the security and to respond properly to your request.

Beware that this form is only related to DATA PROTECTION REQUEST and does not provide any information related to our products or services.


My personal information

GEODIS has always considered data privacy as one of its priorities. We implement strong security solutions in compliance with the data protection regulations provisions. Taking into account the obligations set by this legislation, we seek the following express consents from you:

You authorize GEODIS to collect and process your personal data. Such data are necessary to manage your request. You can, at any time, (i) withdraw permission and (ii) get access to your personal data stored and process by GEODIS. In GEODIS, your data privacy rights are protected by our Data Protection Officer (dpo@geodis.com). The retention period of your personal data is limited to 3 years, after which, your data will be deleted. Your data will be stored within the European Union borders and Switzerland and won’t be used for any automated processing, including profiling.

Security measures required by the legislation are being implemented.

You have read and agree with GEODIS Privacy Policy.

You’re aware of your rights as a Data Subject. You can contact at any time GEODIS claiming for your rights.