The annual GEODIS Women Network meeting


Making a difference with their internal network


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Making a difference with their internal network

For many years, female professional networks have played a key role to help women gain ground in their career and accelerate corporate awareness on the need to value this potential.

The GEODIS Women Network brought together 70 women and some men at the annual summit on October 24.
It was the opportunity to share a vision, identify and initiate actions that contribute to corporate women and men’s success and overcome prejudices.

What is the point of this network? 

The company is filled with talents and potentials who only seek to express themselves. Sometimes, the regular way requires an additional lever to engage and develop perspective and habits changes.  The network enables to enlarge the impact of actions and messages and helps speed up the opening to new opportunities and corporate habits rhythm.

A network that encourages

Promoting everyone’s fulfilment through actions and ambassadors determined to make professional development opportunities equal and help overcoming difficult obstacles or challenges.

A committed company

During this event, the GEODIS Chief Executive Officer and Vice President Human Resources’ presence contributed to make this event emblematic and important for the promotion of female talents and a larger inclusion.
The GEODIS Women Network represents the commitment of GEODIS to all its current and future collaborators, determined to hire and identify every talent with no genre distinction.


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