GEODIS’ TREMPLIN program re-affirms commitment to workplace integration 


On February 14, 2018, GEODIS awarded diplomas to seven trainees from its third ‘Tremplin’ program (so named from the French for “springboard”), launched in 2015 to promote integration through employment.



During the ceremony, held on the premises of the French agency for adult professional training (Agence nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes – AFPA), GEODIS site directors presented the seven trainees, aged 20 to 46, with their vocational diplomas as warehouse picking operators in addition to their CACES certificates. This certificate attests to a person’s ability to safely operate material handling equipment, particularly warehouse forklifts.


GEODIS selected ten trainees – either unqualified young people or long-term job seekers – for its third Tremplin program, running from September 2017 to March 4, 2018 in the Paris region. To recruit participants, GEODIS was assisted by its partner, D2L Group (formerly the GEL Groupe), while AFPA performed the actual training.


Applicants were chosen based on their abilities and motivation before successfully completing their six weeks of training to qualify for the diploma as a “Warehouse Picking Operator”. This carries a CACES 1 certification. Trainees also passed their CACES 3 and 5 certificates enabling them to operate all types of forklifts at their place of employment. They then joined one of five GEODIS pilot sites for a period of five months where they continued their training and familiarized themselves with their working environment under their tutors’ supervision.


At each of these pilot sites, GEODIS has reinforced integration processes by preparing and training the employees who are responsible for supporting the trainees. The ‘Tremplin’ program also includes mentoring trainees about non-workplace issues, helping them resolve any everyday difficulties they may face and that could negatively impact their new jobs.

At the end of the program, GEODIS offers the trainees an open-ended contract either at the company or at one of its D2L Group partners.


Mario Ceccon, GEODIS Vice President Human Resources, said about the program, “By developing ‘Tremplin’, GEODIS is furthering its commitment to fight exclusion and promote diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. I am thrilled at the success of this program, which reflects our strong involvement in an effective corporate social responsibility policy.”

A fourth ‘Tremplin’ program is scheduled to begin in September 2018.


#Corporate Social Responsibility