New partnership between GEODIS and UBISOFT for the supply chain in Italy


The three-year agreement for the logistic collaboration between GEODIS and UBISOFT includes the entire optimization of the supply chain on the national territory.


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The French videogames publisher has entrusted GEODIS in Italy with the development of its supply chain, aimed at distributing its products on the Italian territory.


For this tailor-made project GEODIS has integrated different activities for the client: from the management of warehouse and inbound and outbound operating flows, to process optimization through performing IT solutions, thanks to its WMS system - a single communication platform - for monitoring, sharing and synchronizing data with the counterpart. An excellent state-of-the-art IT system, which globally collects more than 7 million messages per month, of which over 2 million messages are related to GEODIS Contract Logistics Line of Business each month, with more than 40 messages per second.


The main objective is to give to UBISOFT’s entire supply chain a new imprint of efficiency and standardization: from warehousing to sorting, from shipments to transport, to labeling for groups and products checking, with a relevant saving in terms of time both in order fulfillment and delivery. At the same time, GEODIS grants specific customizations of the parcels and deliveries to satisfy the end-users’ needs.


The partnership between UBISOFT and GEODIS is the result of a cross-country collaboration, already consolidated in France and born from the need to coordinate at the best the different product’s categories, paying particular attention also to the database’s updating and shipping procedures.


UBISOFT, leader in the development and publishing of video games, counts twenty-five main studios worldwide, in about seventeen countries. Among the most important cities where UBISOFT has office, we find Paris, Milan, Montreal, Toronto and San Francisco. Founded in 1986 initially as a distributor of hardware and software, it subsequently decided to extend its business to the development of video games: its most famous titles include Assassin's Creed and Just Dance.


"The peculiarity of this new logistic partnership consists in giving the customer the continuity of GEODIS services in Italy, after the excellent performance of our French colleagues, in a view of a true global partnership between the two companies" – says Francesco Cazzaniga, CEO of GEODIS in Italy - “An opportunity to develop integrated solutions, able to support the different business areas of our customers, taking care of special needs and creating efficient customized systems”.

"The digital era has profoundly changed the buying habits, and also the peculiar geography of the Italian territory makes it the market with the most important retail share in Europe" - states Ricardo Cones, Managing Director of Ubisoft Italy - "We want to maintain a high and adequate level of service for our customers who support the video game in physical format. With a logistics partner like GEODIS, we are sure we can have the capillarity required to reach all our distributors, maintaining and guaranteeing a high service level”.


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