Value-added logistics solutions

Value-Added Logistics Solutions

GEODIS provides some of the most complex and compliant supply chain solutions around. Our enhanced capabilities support shipping into retailers, inspecting and disposing of returned products, and maintaining full visibility throughout the entire supply chain. This includes (but is not limited to) the following solutions:

Advisory, supply and flow management

Network studies and supply and flow optimization solutions are key elements for Healthcare supply chain optimization projects. Together, we will help you define your optimal logistics organization. Then our qualified and experienced teams – and their state-of-the-art engineering, analytical and IT tools – will provide you with the most effective solution.


Outsourcing kitting operations can greatly reduce the costs associated with medical device inventory storage. GEODIS offers customized pack building, including overpack, to allow medical device manufacturers to store less inventory and adapt supply to hospitals. Through same day builds, customers can create more agile supply chains while removing the cost of hospital storage fees. Inspection and replenishments of returned kits creates a more sustainable supply chain and increases the product lifecycle.

Display Building

Whether you’re an over-the-counter brand in need of counter displays, clipstrips, or end-cap displays, GEODIS can assemble custom displays for shipment into retail stores across the world. We leverage supply contracts with vendors for scale and use our flexible labour model to help with small or large display building activities. Whether you’re launching a new product or promoting a sale for a consumer-favourite, GEODIS can handle your retail display needs.

Reverse Logistics

If you’re looking to control the flow of products back into the warehouse, our reverse logistics solutions can help. GEODIS provides full inspection of returned products and can either dispose of – or re-assign – inventory based on a quality inspection along with the ability to handle recalls with full traceability. We can also enact quarantine controls to ensure that recalled or damaged products do not become further distributed.

Serialization and Repackaging

Serialization has become a global challenge for pharmaceutical supply chains as governments phase in regulations mandating unique numerical identifiers for medicines. Optimum implementation requires complete and up-to-date knowledge of the relevant obligations for Pharma serialization.

GEODIS’ expert teams are trained and qualified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to handle your serialization and re-packaging operations.

Value-added logistics solutions

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