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Reverse Logistics

GEODIS manages after-sales and returns logistics with proven reverse supply chain know-how and an extensive international network that will ensure the optimization of your reverse flows. Whether you need collection at the customer site, the re-marketing of mid-life products, or the dismantling and recycling of end-of-life products, GEODIS' expertise will help you ensure excellence in product life cycle management. Our Reverse Logistics solutions address B2B and B2C markets, and will help reduce your costs while contributing to the sustainable development of your company.

GEODIS has proven reverse logistics expertise in giving products a second life, which helps companies lower costs and reduce waste disposal volumes. It also prevents sensitive components from being sold to uncontrolled secondary markets. We'll manage all of the processes required to prepare unwanted, damaged, or end-of-lease goods for re-use: from refurbishment and data wipe out to resale. This will help your business generate sustainable long-term revenue, while solving the problem of returned and excess inventory. See details

GEODIS' know-how in the end-of-life phase of product management can help you optimize your reverse flows while protecting the environment (minimizing landfill waste). Our expert teams will collect and inspect your returned goods, dismantle non-repairable products into their component parts, and then conduct certified scrapping, recycling and destruction operations. You will also get maximum value from each component, as we help you manage material recovery, re-sell elements and re-use spare parts. See details

a technician inspects an engine

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