monitoring on control screen

Customs Control Tower

GEODIS' Customs Control Tower can coordinate your customs flows in countries across the globe, based on standardized customs clearance procedures conducted by GEODIS in these countries. A single point of contact and a dedicated web portal will help you achieve a full overview and management status of your imported and exported goods from/to different parts of the world, all under GEODIS' close supervision.

A single point of contact

Our dedicated Customs Control Tower will follow and coordinate your customs volumes at a corporate level as your goods are customs cleared. Our GEODIS country teams will provide services according to your needs, as we:

  • Act as your single point of contact for all customs issues, helping to avoid one-on-one communication with each country involved. 
  • Serve as your value-added partner if your customs volumes are managed internationally to increase supply chain efficiency. 
  • Ensure that customs processes are standardized according to your needs in these countries, and take appropriate actions where required.
  • Collect the customs reports and quality measurements provided by the concerned countries and distribute complete overview with proactive support.
monitoring on control screen

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