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Free-Trade Zone (FTZ)

A Free-Trade Zone (also called a Foreign-Trade zone) is an area within a facility where goods may be landed, stored, handled and re-exported under specific customs regulations, and generally not subject to customs duty. GEODIS’ expertise in Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) solutions help you admit foreign origin merchandise without having to pay taxes or duties until they are transferred to a domestic market.

An end-to-end integrated solution

Our GEODIS customs experts can expertly manage your FTZ operations in a variety of locations such as a warehouse, a manufacturing location or a services facility. We provide you with increased flexibility towards end-distribution through duty deferment, higher inventory visibility, reduced buffer stocks, overall lower product costs, a just-in-time concept, and more. We also enable flexible and hassle-free re-export to other countries. Because the solution is integrated end-to-end, it also creates value by improving cash flow, reducing compliance risk, generating savings, and increasing supply chain velocity for re-exporting products.

FTZ value-added services

We complement our standard activities with customized solutions based on your product's security needs, value and sensitivity. These can include labeling, packing, kitting, sorting, custom crating and light production.

container crane

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