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Value-added Customs Solutions

Does your international business need support for customs procedures and obligations?

GEODIS can serve as your growth partner through a broad range of services that ensure consistent and compliant trade activities. We're experts in conducting the import and export formalities required to comply with regulations and avoid risk for your business.

We also provide value-added customs solutions through a large range of tailored solutions to support your international strategy. These include customs classification support, Foreign Trade Zone solutions, customs control tower solutions to coordinate your operations and provide support (consultancy), and a GEODIS web portal for a complete overview.

Customs regulations are notoriously complex and rapidly evolving. At GEODIS, we use our proven competence centers and extensive experience in global customs procedures to provide support for your products' classifications. This will help your company comply with regulations, pay the correct customs tariffs, and avoid delays, fines and penalties – while you focus on your core business. See details

GEODIS' Customs Control Tower can coordinate your customs flows in countries across the globe, based on standardized customs clearance procedures conducted by GEODIS in these countries. A single point of contact and a dedicated web portal will help you achieve a full overview and management status of your imported and exported goods from/to different parts of the world, all under GEODIS' close supervision. See details

A Free-Trade Zone (also called a Foreign-Trade zone) is an area within a facility where goods may be landed, stored, handled and re-exported under specific customs regulations, and generally not subject to customs duty. GEODIS’ expertise in Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) solutions help you admit foreign origin merchandise without having to pay taxes or duties until they are transferred to a domestic market. See details

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