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Logistics Advisory Services

With 1,600 people in nearly 60 countries working on Supply Chain Optimization, GEODIS has the expertise, technology and geographic spread to deliver supply chain improvements.

With experts certified by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, coupled with our advanced business analytics, GEODIS provides a set of world-class advisory services.

From the re-design of a logistics network to a new sourcing strategy, or a straightforward benchmarking of rates, we can help customers in their search for value.

As a company evolves, so will the shape of its logistics network. The need to review parts of that network can be triggered by specific events – such as merger & acquisition activity or divestiture – or by the accrued impact of growth or intense competition over a period of several years. GEODIS creates value for its customers by meeting their need to redesign and optimize of their logistics network. See details

A comprehensive benchmarking of rates is an important KPI for customers, and it is also an opportunity for value creation by GEODIS. It is key to ensuring that customers receive good service at the right price from their providers. See details

GEODIS offers two complementary approaches to help customers improve the efficiency of their supply chains. See details

GEODIS carries out a detailed sourcing analysis to ensure that customers receive the most cost-efficient services from their outbound logistics providers. However, GEODIS’ expertise also enables our teams to assess the inbound side of the equation to see if potential workflow changes can lead to efficiency gains in terms of logistics. See details

Our Supply Chain Optimization’s services start by examining our customer’s supply chain objectives and expectations – and how these form part of the company’s overall business strategy. By building an in-depth understanding of a company’s operations, we can then determine the key success factors of the supply chain, as well as a range of opportunities for adding new value. See details

an executive advises a woman

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