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Logistics Rates Benchmark

A comprehensive benchmarking of rates is an important KPI for customers, and it is also an opportunity for value creation by GEODIS. It is key to ensuring that customers receive good service at the right price from their providers.

As a provider of some 25 million individual rates a year to our customers, GEODIS has online access to a broad set of benchmarks by industry sector, geography and transportation mode. Rate comparisons can be made against a full spectrum of parameters including lead times, scope of work and technical constraints. Our investment in an advanced supplier relationship management platform allows us to imagine the best possible scenarios for customers. These scenarios are based on rates, either in response to ‘What if’ queries or calculated and recalculated depending on changes in supply chain specifications.

Options for the future

Once the benchmark results are in, GEODIS can also carry out a cost/benefit analysis to see whether issuing a Request For Tender is worthwhile. In many cases, our customers are able to use GEODIS’ rates benchmark to negotiate improved conditions from existing suppliers – saving them the time and expense of an RFQ.

A businessman showing presentation to his colleagues

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