Customs clearance: a growing challenge

Nowadays, import and export-businesses face unprecedented supply chain disruptions because of economic and political changes. In an increasingly unstable world, supply chain management and customs compliance have become more paramount than ever.

More and more businesses struggle to deal with fast-changing customs regulatory requirements. The lack of updated knowledge in compliance changes can result in unexpected delays and a longer time-to-market. Also, paper-based customs procedures are quickly replaced by paperless-digital procedures all over the world, companies that fail to develop effective digital customs management strategies will soon find themselves at a major disadvantage to competition.

Digital customs management can boost your business and optimize your processes to lever quick wins in three key areas: Mastering digital customs management, global customs visibility and efficient customs analytics.


Master high quality digital customs management with a centralized interface to thrive and be competitive

Digital customs management needs the availability of essential customs data. This is where plug-and-play digital interfaces come in. These interfaces are using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) flows. This enables to retrieve Global trade data coming from an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, allowing users to obtain a wide-ranging overview of all relevant customs data to both monitor flows and take operational decisions.

Plug-and-play interfaces reduce significantly manual efforts, possible human errors impacting potential costs and risks. By working with a certified customs broker offering EDI links with your ERP, you can become significantly more competitive on your market.

GEODIS’ EDI Customs Solutions offers businesses highly reliable and accurate customs data, enabling you to follow-up your cross-border transactions with more efficiency.


Improving compliance and global visibility of customs data with full digital customs management

Following an explosion in global trade during the last decade, delivery has become a key component of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Forward-thinking brands have therefore been quick to move by adopting effective digital customs management. Businesses today can have full visibility on their customs flows, clearance milestones and control by using-real time alerts and notifications.

Global 24/7 Track & Trace solutions play a pivotal role in giving companies access to real-time data regarding shipments and enabling them to consult the customs clearance status of their products. They enable businesses to be more proactive and attentive to supply chain disruptions, thus preventing delays, while greatly improving their capacity to respond to changes in customs regulations, laws, and procedures.

With the GEODIS Intelligent Real-time Information System (IRIS), our customers can have immediate connection with all GEODIS digital customs frameworks around the world, offering global visibility, customs milestones, KPIs and reporting capabilities making your international business easy to manage.


Create unique value with customs data analytics and grow your business globally

In the age of digital transformation, data handling is of paramount importance as it allows businesses to gain insight into how to optimize flows and maintain their growth trajectory. As a result, nowadays, compromising on the efficiency, quality, and management of customs data will inevitably deprive businesses of vital information, thus putting them in a weaker position to not only deal with potential challenges, but also to reap potential rewards.

On the other hand, with a digital customs solution, information is digitized at every stage, provide crucial insights that allow companies to have 360-degree customs view on their supply chain in a single platform - leveraging to take important strategic decisions pertaining to global supply chain operations, to enhance competitive advantages and achieve rapid business growth for winning market shares.

As the world’s leading customs brokerage service provider, GEODIS provides a full range of professional customs & trade compliance solutions to all our clients globally. Feel free to contact us if you need any support!


Smoothen your digital customs management to monitor risks, cut costs and boost efficiency with the GEODIS Customs Solution.