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Express and Parcels Delivery

GEODIS' Express & Parcels Delivery service offers a wide selection of product delivery options, with full geographic coverage and complete last-mile control of your shipments for peace-of-mind deliveries. As specialists in Express and Parcels Delivery, we can help represent your brand to your customers. We can also bring you closer to your customers by combining operational quality, information system efficiency and effective Customer Relations services.

GEODIS offers a variety of distribution transport and logistics solutions for your shipping needs. Combined with our flexible pick-up times and operational efficiency, our best-in-class tools will allow you to easily manage and track your shipments, providing you with a competitive edge. These solutions are enhanced by a full array of high value additional services. See details

As a renowned expert in retail and e-Commerce solutions, we put our knowledge and expertise together to allow our customers to make flexible decisions. This makes it easy for them to change their minds or adapt to alternate channels. Our B2C services (last mile, same day delivery, etc.) use best-in-class technology to provide reliable transport and logistics solutions, with full visibility every step of the way. See details

Due to regulations and fluctuating prices, GEODIS applies fuel surcharges for Road and international Air Freight services. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine causes shortages and uncertainties on the supply of fuel/energy for every means of transport and other services, whether directly or indirectly. This leads to highly volatile fuel/energy prices. We therefore explicitly reserve our rights to adjust our service or freight charges in case we are faced with increased fuel/energy costs by our carriers and suppliers.     Legal & Compliance Update In order to mitigate the risks of the increasing energy and fuel costs, GEODIS has drafted a respective clause that has to be used in the respective templates and T&Cs: 4.3.3 Fuel Surcharge (revised clause) Because of the volatile fuel costs, Parties agree that the Rates and Charges set forth in Appendix 2 are subject to prevailing fuel surcharges. The Freight Forwarder shall pass on to the Customer one hundred percent (100%) of any fuel surcharge, including but not limited to the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and/or Fuel Rate Adjustment imposed by its transportation carrier (shipping carrier, air carrier, motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder) when such surcharge is imposed pursuant to any law and/or any agreement between the Freight Forwarder and its transportation carriers. With respect to the fuel surcharge applied by the air carrier without the relevant calculation schedule in annexure, the Freight Forwarder will apply the applicable GEODIS Fuel Surcharge found here adjusted automatically on bi-monthly basis. With respect to the fuel surcharge applied by the shipping carriers without the relevant calculation schedule in annexure, the Freight Forwarder will apply the applicable GEODIS BAF adjusted quarterly and available upon request. See details

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