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Expert Solutions for Customs Formalities

Customs operations are an integral part of international transport. However, they can also delay the circulation of products and lead to extra expenses. In addition, product- and sector-specific rules can sometimes lead to shipments being held at customs. This is why customs clearance services should never be ad hoc, they should always be perfectly controlled.

Specialists in aviation, space and defense customs clearance

GEODIS is a specialist in the customs clearance of sensitive products, and we partner with major players in the Aviation, Space, and Defense sectors. We can use our expertise to help you implement DCN customs procedures (e.g. PDD, PDU), specific regimes, and other customs authorizations. We can also help you assess your international flows and offer appropriate solutions – including tailored services such as control towers to reduce costs and customs risks.

Customs brokers with a range of comprehensive services

Our team of customs brokers is specialized within the Aviation, Space, and Defense fields. We can handle all customs formalities across all applicable regimes (repairs, temporary, bonded warehouse, permanent, etc.). GEODIS also ensures record monitoring for specific regimes and export license application tracking for sensitive materials.

Our range of comprehensive services simplify and accelerate customs procedures. They  include:

  • Economic & suspensive regimes
  • Procedure AI2 (immediate cash flow)
  • VAT payment and payment report (earnings on financial expenses)
  • DCN: implementation and optimization of customs procedures, reduction of customs delays
  • Centralization of customs and excise bonds, as well as varied operations

We'll contact local customs authorities and collaborate with business consulting units, the PAE (customs information centers), and the SRA (regional audit service centers) as well as the DGDDI (directorate-general of customs and indirect taxes). GEODIS also provides regulatory monitoring alongside its customers.

a security agent closes  a container

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