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Pick and Pack Service

GEODIS' pick & pack service usually starts where a shipment begins its journey: at the origin. Products are taken directly from your supplier to a GEODIS warehouse, where they are picked and packed to be dispatched to the production customer via cross-docking. From order reception, through to adapting to your packaging bundling, we guarantee a complete fulfilment cycle and on-time delivery.

A cost-efficient system based on your tools

GEODIS can use your own IT Operating System for pick & pack or your own preferred program. Either way, we'll make sure information is exchanged by interface between our IT system and yours. We will sort your products quickly and accurately, adapting to a wide range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, along with key tracking information. You will receive cost-efficient order fulfilment systems based on your tools, matching your specific needs.

LEAN inbound operations

GEODIS warehouse employees will pick orders from your identified stock (using RFID) according to a picking list of different SKUs. We will then use a LEAN approach to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

Outbound operations to optimize costs and enhance service

Products coming from multiple origins are consolidated and packed properly into a reduced number of deliveries, sorted by the consignee. We develop specific packaging solutions for all parcel sizes, from a single screw to a bulky component. We manage the transport scheme to optimize inventory and transport costs and increase service levels. We also manage return logistics.

Global reach with a single point of contact

As with our other offers, GEODIS can ship on a global scale to the final customer, dealing with all formalities such as customs clearance in the process, before completing final mile delivery.

Whether you need a stand-alone service or one that is part of an entire logistics solution, we will provide the same level of pick, pack and delivery attention that we give to all of our customers’ goods. As is the case with every flow orchestration included in our Automotive logistics value proposition, this service comes with the best end-to-end flexibility in mind, via one single point of contact.

an employee cleans the rear window of a car

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