Turnkey Freight Forwarding and Direct Delivery solutions

Turnkey Freight Forwarding and Direct Delivery Solutions

GEODIS provides integrated door-to-door delivery every day of the year, with transparent and tailored solutions that respect Good Distribution Practice. We can deliver your products to a variety of destinations, from pharmacies, hospitals to retail outlets. Our direct delivery combined with lean and flexible supply chain solutions are key success factors in this fast-growing Healthcare market.

Our thermal packaging solutions and freight containers with monitoring devices ensure that your products will be delivered at the right time and the right condition, whether you are shipping Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), vaccines, lab specimens or pharmaceuticals.

We are also experienced in the critical global supply chain response to COVID-19. GEODIS built an air bridge between China and the US and China and Europe to deal with the pandemic. This helped to ensure that millions of essential workers received the masks they needed to stay safe and healthy. As early as March 2020 we were shipping PPE to workers in France. We also implemented a multimodal air-rail transportation solution between Chengdu, China and Nuremberg, Germany in May 2020 for the German government to ensure the timely delivery of 50 million gloves.

Turnkey Freight Forwarding and Direct Delivery solutions

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