an airplane, containers and a truck on a harbor

Multimodal and Cross-border Transport

Nearshoring is fast becoming a Retail trend, with many stakeholders concentrated across several countries in one geographical zone. Destinations are just as plentiful and diverse, which means complex cross-border logistics must achieve their time, cost and revenue objectives. At GEODIS, we use proven expertise to adapt to each country’s logistics and customs laws, regulations and documentation. We are experts in dealing with the additional security, complexity and costs that come with multimodal transport.

Operating beyond borders

GEODIS handles multimodal and cross-border transport in Europe, China and South East Asia, the USA and Mexico. We provide flow tracking from overseas warehousing in good storage conditions to global shipping operations. GeoFlow, our fully integrated IT solution, provides complete real-time end-to-end visibility and flow management, allowing you to keep an eye on all of the operations, and make choices to reduce CO2 footprint.

In Europe, our inbound and outbound multimodal freight movement focuses on land transport, and mainly combines Rail and Road. Outside the EU territory, GEODIS takes care of many cross-border operations involving multimodal transport, including Airfreight. When using Road transport, our services include frequent fixed and scheduled departures, security, door-to-door service, FTL/LTL and track & trace.

Since 1995, GEODIS has been particularly active in cross-border trucking in Asia, providing a variety of services including efficient and daily LTL and FTL in South East Asia and China.

Regardless of the number of countries involved, we can collect products from multiple suppliers and warehouses, bring them to consolidation centers, load them onto Rail/Sea/Air containers, dispatch them via cross-dock. Then we'll ship them to different destinations, ready for direct-to-store delivery, or simply feed them to e-commerce channels or domestic stores.

An agile and peak-responsive supply chain

GEODIS makes your supply chain as agile as we can when moving shipments across borders We manage time and costs, as well as norms and peak activity, conducting customs clearance in the process. Your priority becomes ours – we want you to be on time, all the time. As an innovative Retail logistics expert, GEODIS is always adapting to make sure no time is lost between borders or transport modes. We always have speed-to-market in mind, keeping lead times to a minimum and delivering the best possible pricing capacity.

As always, you will have a single point of contact.

an airplane, containers and a truck on a harbor

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