Logistics Solution Designer

Logistics Solution Design Engineer: designing world class logistics systems around the world

As a GEODIS Logistics Solution Design Engineer, you will design and develop supply chain and warehouse solutions for new or existing businesses. You will need agility as you anticipate and translate customer needs into operational processes, offering perfect quality of service.

As a Logistics Solution Designer, you are an engineer whose main objective is to develop innovative and realistic logistics solutions that meet the customer’s requirements in terms of cost and performance. These solutions comprise of warehouse layout, labor planning and material handling requirements, incl. automated material handling and robotics.

Logistics solution design – from creation to implementation

Logistics solution design consists of auditing the entire value chain and increasing its efficiency by quickly and accurately proposing a solution as a response to client requirements. To achieve this, you will perform network analysis and design your solution using best-in-class tools. In this area, GEODIS boasts a wide range of independent analyses as well concept development for logistical processes.

You must make sure to apply GEODIS' business rules, take any and all constraints from the operating business unit, operations and environment into account, and ensure consistency when it comes to all of Information Technology (IT) processes that form the solutions you elaborate. These issues are all important, from the design stage right through to implementation.

Working with people and persistence

As a Logistics Solution Design Engineer, you will work closely with sales teams to support them on technical aspects, and to take part in offer presentations. You will work in a consultant  mode, managing projects – such as layout design or warehouse conception – on a global scale and with all departments. You will be an expert in time management, with excellent organizational skills, and the ability to motivate people and demonstrate persistence in every situation.

Logistics Solution Designer

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