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Supply Chain Management

GEODIS provides complete, optimized, end-to-end supply chain management across the U.S. and around the world. We use our expertise, technology, and geographic reach to provide best-in-class logistics services.

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Optimize for supply chain excellence

Do you want to build an agile, best-in-class supply chain system that supports your business growth? Now you can, with GEODIS supply chain management solutions.  Here's what you can expect when you partner with GEODIS:  


  • Proactive management of your end-to-end freight flows 

  • Continuous optimization of your freight forwarding, transportation, and warehousing operations

  • Access to cutting-edge technology, from automation and robotics to visibility and real-time reporting

  • Consult with a deep bench of expertise across all aspects of the supply chain and logistics 


Integrate specific GEODIS services into your existing systems, teams, and processes, or outsource your entire supply chain operations to us. 

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    Mitigate risks & improve supply chain resilience

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    Optimize your end-to-end supply chain

  • greener_solutions.svg

    Minimize emissions with low-carbon logistics solutions

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    Enjoy global network visibility

Supply chain risk reduction

Mitigate risks & improve supply chain resilience


  • Assess and manage supply chain risks to avoid delays and disruption


  • Manage your supplier relationships through GEODIS for complete visibility and risk management


  • Get insight into every part of your supply chain to identify risks before they become issues


  • Proactively identify and solve issues in the network


  • Build resilience and business continuity into your supply chains
Supply Chain optimization

Optimize your end-to-end supply chain


  • Enjoy a culture of continual improvement as GEODIS works and invests every day to optimize client supply chains and performance


  • Centralize supply chain operations for "one source of the truth" across your freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing, and fulfillment


  • Access advanced analytics tools for maturity assessment, network design, and supply chain optimization


  • Collaborate with us to identify supply chain issues and create action plans to prevent recurrence
Green logistics solutions

Minimize emissions with low-carbon logistics solutions


  • Design strategies to reduce your environmental footprint


  • Access low-carbon storage solutions, transport, and freight forwarding


  • Build a sustainable end-to-end supply chain and comply with environmental regulations


  • Run scenario modeling and adapt to environmental challenges


  • Conduct reporting and modeling of carbon and other emissions
Supply chain competitive advantage

Enjoy global network visibility


  • Accelerate supply chain decision-making


  • Work in a collaborative and innovative environment


  • Access our proprietary supply chain visibility platforms


  • Increase the utilization of your supply chain assets


Supply chain advisory services

Redesign logistics networks, build sourcing strategies, assess risks, and benchmark rates with our supply chain transformation experts and analytical tools.  

Supply chain management

GEODIS integrates deeply with your people, processes, and technology so you can outsource parts of or your whole supply chain. 

End-to-end services

Ease your domestic and cross-border logistics flows from order to delivery, as we manage everything from trade compliance and transport to warehousing and fulfillment.

Control tower

Schedule and manage your logistics, physical, data, and financial flows with our customizable reporting. Visibility, traceability, and proactive issue resolution are guaranteed.

Transport flow management

Manage every aspect of your transport flows, powered by our expertise, transportation management system, and network of 30,000 carriers.

Purchase order and vendor management

Manage your orders and vendors through a virtual network that connects GEODIS teams, your company, and service providers, across the U.S. and around the world. 

Strengthen risk management and supply chain resilience today 

The complexity of today’s global supply chains poses major challenges for many companies. Managing these issues can become an unwelcome drain on resources, particularly for rapidly growing companies. Outsourcing all or part of your supply chain management to a strategic 4PL partner is an ideal solution.

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"Our Supply Chain Management solution combines thoughtful design and execution to orchestrate your global supply chain network. This offers you, your partners, and end-customers a real competitive advantage"


Eric Gerbi, EVP / Supply Chain Optimization, GEODIS

Frequently asked questions

Supply chain management centralizes the storage and transport of goods across the supply chain until it reaches the end customer. A good supply chain management provider will have a wide network of partners, best-in-class technology, deep expertise, and a proven track record. Strong supply chain management designs scalable networks, continually improves operations, reduces costs, and provides an excellent customer experience. 

Some common supply chain management challenges include poor customer experience, issues with cost control, a lack of planning, and being vulnerable to disruptions and delays. A good supply chain manager will help you understand your supply chain, work to optimize performance, and build resilience into your networks. 

Supply chain risks include:

  • Inadequate or unreliable supplier performance of suppliers

  • Fluctuating demand that make supply chain planning difficult

  • Labor or transport shortages that bring supply chain activities to a grinding halt

  • Lack of supply chain visibility leading to underutilization across production, inventory, and fulfillment 

  • Rising inflation that impacts rates, negotiations, and relationships with suppliers

  • Geopolitical risks may prevent you from engaging with certain international vendors

A well-managed supply chain provides end-to-end control over the journey of your goods from original manufacture through to final delivery. Partnering with GEODIS will reduce supply chain risks, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional services to your customer. 

A good supply chain management platform will improve the efficiency of production, inventory management, stakeholder collaboration, order management, and many other areas. Technologies such as IoT, AI, and robotic automation enhance supply chain productivity, visibility, and planning. 

Choose a trusted logistics partner that has a culture of continuous improvement, deep expertise, and industry-leading technology. A partner like GEODIS can improve efficiencies through process improvement, accurate forecasting, and managing the flow of goods.

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GEODIS delivers what matters to your customers. No matter the size, goals, or shape of your business, we'll customize our supply chain management solutions to your exact needs.

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