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Ready to elevate your supply chain to the skies, for any type of cargo size or weight? Choose from our comprehensive range of fast and easy-to-book air freight options.

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The future is fast. The future is air freight.

GEODIS air freight offers the fastest and safest way to ship your goods anywhere in the world.


Our comprehensive range of standard air freight services is perfect for your time-sensitive or high-value parcels. If you need a more tailored solution, we can customize our air shipping services to meet your speed, cost, or unique handling needs. 


Have products that you need to keep extra secure? Make use of our end-to-end, 24x7 air cargo monitoring for complete peace of mind.



Have an urgent order or requirement? AirFast’s back-to-back, direct, or consolidated services, guarantee delivery within one to three days.


Every business has different needs. With AirFlex, you can build custom air freight solutions that balance transit time against cost and handling requirements across different cargo types.


Save on your air freight costs using AirSave. You can reduce your budget while delivering goods within four to seven days, including air freight shipment consolidation.


Urgently need to deliver perishable, dangerous, temperature-sensitive, or oversized cargo? Book our dedicated, direct chartered flights, on demand.


Use the GEODIS-operated air freight network for a reliable and consistent shipping schedule to and from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Air Freight Hand-Carry

We hand-carry your parcel to any destination in the world. This is the fastest and most reliable option for your urgent, sensitive, or high-value shipments.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Reduce your carbon footprint with GEODIS sustainable alternative fuel (SAF) to power your air freight.

IRIS: online freight management tool

IRIS is a digital freight management platform that simplifies the process of obtaining quotes, booking shipments, and gaining complete visibility over your air cargo.


Cross-border small parcel shipping has never been easier. GEODIS MyParcel enables small parcel delivery from the U.S. to 26 European countries, the UK, and Canada, in four to six days.

Dedicated transportation

Enjoy air transport services dedicated solely to your goods. Reserve and use exclusive space to get your products to their destination quickly, safely, and reliably.

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Stanislas Brun

“There are a few ways value can be salvaged from a supply chain crisis. And the first steps involve achieving the right balance between offence and defense. In this context, offence involves proposing new solutions such as Life Science or Healthcare Vertical and GEODIS AirDirect solutions that create value for our customers. On the other hand, defense is all about controlling, managing, and adapting our productivity and base cost to bring further efficiency.”


Stanislas Brun, Senior Vice President of Global Air Freight

Frequently asked questions

Whether you're managing local or international shipments, your logistics partner will find and work with the best carrier to pick up your shipment from a warehouse or holding facility. The air freight is loaded onto the carrier and taken to the origin airport. Once it arrives at the destination airport, the carrier will be responsible for last-mile delivery. 

Air freight delivery services are best for suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers who need: 

  • Very fast shipping, often arriving at a domestic or international destination in one to two days 
  • Reliable and secure cargo handling to reduce the risk of theft or damage 
  • A wide range of options for cargo transportation anywhere in the world 
  • Reasonably priced insurance premiums  
  • Less resource-intensive packaging 

You pay for the weight, or the space consumed, when transporting your goods via an air freight service. This is based on the "dimensional weight" or actual weight of your freight.


When you want to use an air freight service, we can provide a range of instant and accurate prices so you can choose the right option for your budget. 

Air freight is focused on speed and getting products to the destination quickly. Air cargo can travel from origin to destination in as few as one to two days. 

The weight limit for air freight varies based on the type of aircraft. For example, passenger aircrafts have height restrictions of up to 160cm, while B747 or B777 freighter aircrafts can go up to 300cm in height. The weight per piece also varies based on aircraft type. Passenger aircrafts usually accept up to 4000 kg per piece, whereas on freighter aircrafts it can go up to 50,000 kg.

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