Specialized Transport Solutions

Do your goods need special handling and distribution? GEODIS provides a wide range of safe, secure, and specialized transport solutions, tailored to your business and industry needs.

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Custom transport solutions for your industry

Your one-of-a-kind freight needs a one-of-a-kind transport solution. Our specialized transport solutions ensure the safe and efficient handling of a wide range of non-standard, sensitive, or hazardous goods. Whether you're transporting medical supplies, chemicals, gas, or out-of-gauge goods, GEODIS has you covered.


Trust in the winning combination of our network of certified carriers, locations, vehicles, industry expertise, and qualified personnel. You'll be compliant with any national or international standards, certifications, and regulatory frameworks for the secure handling and transport of your products.


Chemicals and gas transportation

Safely transport and deliver bulk or packaged liquid chemicals and gas throughout the U.S. 

Out-of-Gauge solutions

GEODIS transports oversized goods, from railroad tracks and agricultural machinery to electric generators and vehicles.

Steel products

GEODIS is an expert in transporting steel products. We offer sector expertise and specialized vehicles such as semi-trailers with spool mounts and steel plates.

Healthcare distribution

GEODIS provides fast, reliable, compliant, and temperature-controlled distribution for all of your medical, clinical, and healthcare needs. 

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“When it comes to specialized tank transportation and delivery, there's no room for error. Our customers operate at a high level of quality during product manufacturing. This is why they need an experienced transport partner with adapted equipment, demonstrated technical expertise, and trained operational teams to securely transport their goods in compliance with specific rules and safety and quality regulations.”


Guus van Appeldoorn, Managing Director Netherlands, GEODIS

Frequently asked questions

Chemicals, gas, vehicles, steel, railroad tracks, agricultural machinery, medical supplies, electric generators, and more are all goods that need specialized transport solutions.

If you need to transport an oversized shipment or a large number of goods you will need heavy haulage transport solutions. Examples of freight that need specialized transport solutions include industrial machinery, military or farming equipment, and construction materials.

Chemicals, explosives, flammable or corrosive items, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive materials, gases, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and lithium batteries all fall under dangerous goods transport. We work with many specialized carriers that are certified and ready to move your hazardous goods.

Although specific rules vary from region to region, you may transport an oversized shipment that is up to 8.5 feet wide (without securing special state permits), across the U.S.

We provide a wide range of carefully controlled and monitored transport to ensure the viability of sensitive products including food, chemicals, and medical supplies and samples.

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GEODIS delivers what matters to your customers. No matter the size, goals, or shape of your business, we'll customize our specialized transportation solutions to your exact needs.

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