Multimodal Transport

GEODIS is a pioneer in multimodal transportation and smart solution design. We expertly combine transport modes to meet your unique delivery and sustainability targets.

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One service. Multiple transport modes.

Go beyond what a road, ocean, or air freight journey can offer. Try a different approach with multimodal transport solutions that improve efficiencies, optimize costs, and lower emissions. GEODIS can combine two or more transport modes including LTL, FTL, drayage, break-bulk, LCL, FCL, air, and more. 


We build smart transport models based on your top priorities including faster transit times, reduced costs, product and industry expertise, and limiting environmental impacts. 


Our multimodal services deliver seamless, flexible, and secure operations for all your transport needs.

  • increased_capacity.svg

    Increase transportation capacity

  • optimized_transport_cost.svg

    Optimize transport costs

  • faster_transit_times.svg

    Speed up freight transit times

  • carbon_footprint.svg

    Shrink the carbon footprint of your freight

Advantages of multimodal transport

Increase transportation capacity


  • Get on-demand, flexible, or reserved capacity for regular and peak seasons across multiple transport modes


  • Optimize your asset usage so there's no wasted capacity


  • Take advantage of reliable, scheduled capacity and routes


  • Find the right capacity mix from our network of 30,000+ carriers
Cost effectiveness of multimodal transport

Optimize transport costs


  • Secure guaranteed medium- and long-term rates for better budgeting and control


  • Compare rates across multiple carriers to find the right balance of capacity, speed, and costs


  • Move larger freight volumes at lower prices


  • Enjoy competitive rates for goods that can handle longer delivery or storage time
Freight transit times improvement

Speed up freight transit times


  • Expedite freight arrival at port hubs


  • Optimize the transportation of goods across national, regional, and local networks


  • Locate products closer to your consumers for optimized delivery


  • Get expert last-mile delivery to any address


  • Circumvent movement restrictions in large cities
Reduce carbon footprint with multimodal transport

Shrink the carbon footprint of your freight


  • Optimize route planning and intermodal transport to reduce distances traveled, empty truckloads, and harmful emissions


  • Partner with carriers that prioritize sustainable principles and practices 


  • Use fleets and assets that run on low-emission energy sources


  • Increase the density of storage and transport solutions that result in less CO2 emissions per mile


  • Implement rigorous and comprehensive freight consolidation to maximize transport efficiency

A growing need for low-carbon transport solutions

Transport is responsible for 14% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 23% of CO2 emissions. Its contribution is rising faster than any other energy end-use sector. Direct transport carbon emissions could double by 2050, according to the Smart Freight Centre.


GEODIS invests in sustainable logistics solutions and partners with carriers that prioritize sustainability and emissions reduction. 

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"It is not a mere pipe dream. We can do something to reduce our business’ environmental impact, while ensuring efficient and competitive transportation. By measuring and comparing the emissions generated by the different modes of transport, optimising all logistics flows, and choosing the solution with the less carbon intensive option at the right cost transport can become more sustainable."


Marc Vollet, Operational Excellence Director for European Road Network business

Frequently asked questions

Multimodal transport is when at least two different carriers, such as trucks, trains, ships, and planes, are used to move freight. Multimodal transport can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure capacity, and optimize transport costs. This type of transport works across regional, national, and international borders. An expert logistics partner like GEODIS can build your ideal multimodal transport solution. 

Multimodal transportation requires careful planning, technology, and skilled logistics personnel to optimize your product flows. GEODIS provides a central point of contact, coordination, and management for effortless outsourcing of your multimodal needs. 

Optimizing multimodal transport means balancing fuel costs, supply, demand, capacity, availability, shipping rates, and sustainability. GEODIS helps you achieve this through consolidating loads, optimizing delivery routes, working with multiple carriers, and customizing solutions to your exact needs. 

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