Freight Solutions

We provide a wide range of optimized freight solutions including customs and trade services, supply chain management, and project logistics. We help our clients to import and export with ease, reduce duties and taxes, implement specialized logistics, and comprehensively manage their end-to-end supply chain. Our services include comprehensive network design, freight outsourcing, and decarbonization.

Brian Riley SVP customs trade services

“For GEODIS, customs brokerage is an end-to-end product. It doesn’t matter what a client is bringing in, we want to give them a complete service. That extends from daily customs clearance transactions to trade services, or managing an FTZ. If you’re bringing in bananas, it’s not just about clearing customs. We talk to the FDA and the USDA, and get all of the licenses and clearance that our clients need. They don’t need to worry about all the individual aspects of it, we can take care of that.”


Brian Riley, Senior Vice President Customs Brokerage, Americas

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