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Outsourced logistics is more than just the storage and distribution of your goods. GEODIS provides a comprehensive range of innovative, value-added services, perfectly tailored to your business.

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Bespoke, value-added logistics services that work for your business


GEODIS provides a complete, customized solution for all of your business needs. Start with best-in-class freight forwarding, warehousing, and transportation, then layer on value-added warehousing logistics services, including:


  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services
  • Robotic warehousing and automation solutions
  • Kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing
  • Promotions and display building services
  • Customer personalization and decorating
  • Garment services and printing
  • Subscription services
  • Packaging design, labeling, and optimization solutions
  • Quality and compliance services
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • De-kitting and asset recovery
  • Lifecycle management


Use these additional services to streamline your supply chain process, increase productivity and flexibility, improve inventory, and delight your customers. 


VMI services

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services integrate with your systems to ensure your products are always available. We reduce overstocks and optimize stock rotations for strong inventory management. 

Spare parts management

We make it easy to manage your spare-part inventory, with flexible logistics solutions customized to industries including automotive, industrial, aerospace, and defence.

Robotic warehousing solutions

Choose flexible and scalable warehouse automation to boost business efficiency. Expect advanced automation, smart robotics, platform integrations, and leading information technology. 

Quality control & inspection

Maintain high-quality products through new product inspection, damage inspection, quality testing, disposal, lot expiration compliance, and First Article Inspection (FAI) services.

Kitting & assembly

Let us handle your kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing from refurbishment and supply chain integration through to final assembly and automation of packaging lines, labeling, kitting, and loading.  

Promotions & display

We offer promotional and display services including design, rendering, corrugated displays, retail options, printing, die cutting, and more to support your marketing and product launches.

Personalization & decorating

Impress your customers with personalized products including digital printing, gifting options, customization services, digital labeling, etching, engraving, and embroidery.

Garment services & printing

We offer garment and clothing services including ironing, embroidery, digital fabric printing, garment repairs, on-hanger handling, and personalization. 

Subscription services

GEODIS offers comprehensive fulfillment services for subscription boxes. We provide carton creation, print and apply, assembly, standard packaging, and custom packaging. 

Packaging & labeling

We offer a wide range of packaging, labeling, and customization services. These include labeling, mailers, primary packaging, and packaging for beauty, gift, and similar products.  

Temperature-controlled storage

Protect your sensitive products and control the warehouse environment with secure storage that's optimized for temperature, humidity, and other factors. 

De-kitting & asset recovery

De-kitting allows you to recover and re-use viable products for orders or take dispose of your assets using our certified vendors. 

Lifecycle management

We provide support for every part of the product lifecycle including reverse logistics and returns management, asset disposition, triage and test, and repair and refurbishment. 

Custom solutions for unique supply chains

A strong logistics partner will act as a natural extension of your business, integrating effortlessly with your people, processes, and technology. GEODIS allows you to focus more time and resources on your core business, while trusting us to deliver for you and your customers. 


Take advantage of our customized solutions to build the perfect combination of value-added services to meet the most challenging business needs. 

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Frequently asked questions

Labeling adds information to a product based on retailer, product, regulatory, or customer requirements. Services include:


  • Retailer labeling: Addition of retailer-specific label on product (price tagging)
  • Tamper seal labeling: Removal and replacement of the tamper seal on products
  • UPC labeling: Addition of a UPC label on a product
  • Re-labeling: Removal of incorrect label and addition of correct label in the event of SKU or label changes
  • Government labeling: Adding labels based on state requirements for that product
  • Custom labeling: Depending on business needs


We support labeling requirements for many retailers including WalMart, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, Costco, Kohl's, Amazon, and others.

Kitting combines separate but related items that are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. Services include:


  • Standard kitting: Adding two or more components needed to make a set and the creation of a new SKU
  • Promotional item kitting: Adding a giveaway item to an SKU and creating a new SKU
  • Temperature-controlled kitting: Combining multiple items and dry ice into a new item
  • Literature kitting: Adding customer-specific literature to a kit

We combine visual storage with product quantities and pack that in one box for ease of setup within a retail store. Services include:


  • Clipstrips: Taking a plastic or metal strip with clips and attaching the appropriate units to the clips
  • Counter display unit: Creating a display unit for a counter and adding the appropriate units to stock that display
  • Pallet displays: Creating a display unit based on a quarter, half, or full pallet and adding the appropriate units to stock that display
  • New store setup displays: Combining all aspects for a new store setup including products, pricing, and displays
  • End cap displays: Creating a corrugated display based on retailer aisle width specifications and adding the appropriate units to stock the display

Packaging encloses and protects your products for sale. Services include:

  • Retailer re-pack: Re-packing products into required packaging for a retailer, including re-boxing, hanger removal, and polybag removal
  • Quantity re-pack: Breaking down a case into appropriate quantity requested by a retailer (corrugate box, plastic sleeve, shrink banding)
  • Variety / combo packs: Building an assortment of the same item and creating a new SKU
  • Secure pack: Opening up a case to add additional packaging for fragile items or taping containers to prevent leakage
  • Ziptying: Adding a ziptie to an item and applying new packaging to the item
  • Clamshell: Packaging an item in a plastic container with a hinge and securing the product
  • Gift Wrap: Covering an item in wrapping paper or ribbon using your brand standards

Quality control involves inspecting, re-working, testing, and possible destroying faulty products before they leave the warehouse. Services include:


  • Lot expiration: Finding an expired lot and removing an item from storage and system inventory, including the disposal of the product based on client needs
  • Inspection of new products: Inspection of new SKUs prior to product introduction
  • Damage inspection: Inspecting inbound freight and or opening cases to determine if any products are incorrect or damaged
  • Quality testing: Testing a quantity in a lot to make sure they meet client requirements and reporting those metrics back to the client
  • Disposal - Disposal of product on the client's behalf (de-kitting, recycling, destruction or other end-of-lifecycle processes)

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