Plenty autonomous vehicles and collaborative robots locus for GEODIS warehouses


Mini Logistics Case Study: Robotic Order Fulfillment

GEODIS, a major logistics provider, optimizes order fulfillment accuracy and pick times for Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Our mini supply chain case studies provide a quick snapshot of how we're optimizing our supply chain and logistics services on behalf of clients.


Robotic order fulfillment overview and challenge

GEODIS is a worldwide transport and logistics leader that supports clients in their daily work by helping them overcome their logistical constraints. They are recognized for their expertise and mastery of all aspects of the supply chain, as they serve as a real growth partner for their clients.


GEODIS and Locus Robotics first began partnering together in 2018 at an Indiana site. This allowed the global third-party logistics (3PL) company to implement Locus’ innovative technology into its operations. This integration supports the GEODIS workforce as they pick and pack products to fulfill orders.


Since then, the Locus Solution has provided improvements in productivity, flexibility, and agility. It enhances the workplace environment for teammates by reducing tedious, repetitive tasks. This optimizes processes and increases employee retention, allowing GEODIS to enhance its operations and meet evolving customer needs.


At their Mount Juliet, TN facility, GEODIS fulfills orders for Black Rifle Coffee Company with the Locus Solution. Black Rifle was founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer. Mount Juliet was a new Greenfield facility and Locus Robotics was a part of the operation from the beginning. The teams worked closely together on the facility with the goal of increased pick speed for outbound fulfillment.


Critical factors for successful warehouse automation included increasing units per hour (UPH), handling peak-season volumes, and improving flexibility to meet client needs. 

Autonomous vehicles and collaborative robots locus for warehouses

Robotic order fulfillment results


  • Improved units picked per hour from 100 to 170
  • Improved training time for teammates by 95%, reducing training time from 8 hours to 20 minutes
  • Decreased aisle congestion during busy periods
  • Improved employee morale


Locus deployed a warehouse execution platform and 14 autonomous mobile robots (“LocusBots”) along with a suite of dashboards and actionable reporting tools for GEODIS in their Mount Juliet, TN facility. The team praised Locus Robotics’ support for their help from the beginning. Before the facility went live, the support team was on-site for mapping and to set up locations.


“During peak, Locus support was on-site to make any necessary adjustments to the LocusBots in real time,” said Theresa Marsic, Director of Operations. “We had a congestion issue with 10 bots in an aisle, and the support team was able to see what was going on and put in a flag for the LocusBots to go to a different aisle and wait, which eased the congestion immediately.”


Even when the Locus Robotics’ support team isn’t on site, the GEODIS team knows that they can reach out at any time and get an answer at lightning speed.


The LocusBots have improved efficiency at the Mount Juliet facility, with units per hour (UPH) picked improving from 100 to 170 with the Locus Solution. As new teammates join the warehouse workforce, their ramp-up time is minimal.


“There was a period where we were not using the LocusBots specifically in order to take on an inventory project, and it required us to not use the bots for a little while,” said Aaron Gettler, Senior Operations Manager. “When that happened, we needed to train the associates on RF picking, and the training time for that was a full 8-hour day with more steps involved.”


With the Locus solution, that 8-hour training time has been reduced by 95% to just 20 minutes, with new hires quickly becoming productive and fulfilling orders.

How GEODIS can help

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