GEODIS offers end-to-end warehousing services including incoming and outgoing logistics, flexible storage, picking and packing, cross-docking, and real-time KPI reporting.

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Warehousing adapted to your needs

GEODIS warehousing gives you the flexibility to support a growing business as you expand your customer base and scale up your supply chain. Our warehousing and logistics solutions include more than 50 million square feet of storage space, strategically located across the U.S. 


You can choose between multi-customer sites, logistics campuses, manual or automated warehouse solutions, and storage that's close to logistics hubs and your customers. Our warehouses are fully integrated with the GEODIS network of associated logistics services, including customs and foreign trade, eFulfillment, cross-docking, freight forwarding, transportation, and distribution. 


Inventory management

Worried about excess stock or stock-out situations? Gain complete, real-time visibility and control of your inventory levels and product movement from a centralized platform.

Order management

Fulfill orders accurately and on time. GEODIS manages every aspect of order handling, tracking, and returns. We also provide demand forecasting to lower inventory costs and grow sales.


Reduce transport, warehousing, and storage costs using GEODIS cross-dock solutions. Consolidate suppliers, speed up the delivery of goods, and increase supply chain efficiency. 

Commodity storage

Store your commodities at GEODIS warehouses and ensure your downstream operations can continue even if you have a supply chain disruption. 

Public warehousing

Access parts of our warehouses for flexible storage, access to first-class logistics, and your smaller distribution needs - ideal for solutions of less than $1M in size.

Pop-up and peak season warehousing

Manage peak season and other spikes in inventory volume and demand with our pop-up warehouses. We offer on-demand solutions strategically located across the U.S.

Bonded warehousing

Reduce your customs costs, defer duties, and improve delivery lead times with our network of strategically located, bonded warehousing facilities.

Foreign-trade zones

GEODIS provides complete US Foreign-Trade Zone services so you can import while deferring duty, and save money at every stage of your product’s journey.

Boost resilience with supply chain mechanization

Business supply chains must proactively adapt to many changes, including the introduction of new technologies, upheavals in staffing, supply chain disruption, and changes to the economy and marketplaces. 


GEODIS closely collaborates with our stakeholders to manage change and minimize risk. We focus on the production chain, investing in warehouse automation that provides cutting-edge technology and robotics that integrate with our teams. This ensures a reliable, scalable supply chain while maximizing productivity and reducing costs. 

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Frequently asked questions

Work with your logistics partner on a warehousing optimization plan and re-evaluate it every quarter. Your plan should include the adoption of a well-integrated warehouse management system that offers a single source of truth to manage inventory and labor, automate the packing and transportation process, and group items by pick location. 

Warehousing and storage are terms that are often used interchangeably, however, they do not mean exactly the same thing. Storage is the process of keeping goods in a physical space, whereas warehousing is a term that encompasses the process of receiving, storing, and distributing goods. The physical space where the goods are stored is often called a warehouse.

You can store almost any type of goods in a GEODIS warehouse, from commodities to packing materials, spare parts, or finished goods. Each type of SKU will have a different storage requirement; the storage of gasoline will be very different to perishable food items. GEODIS offers a wide range of secure warehousing, including storage of chemicals, hazardous goods, temperature-sensitive products, and a wide range of other goods. 

When shopping around for a provider with integrated warehouse management systems, you need to evaluate if the software:

  1. Has a user-friendly interface
  2. Powers warehouse automation
  3. Reduces warehousing costs
  4. Seamlessly integrates with your systems and processes
  5. Can deliver custom solutions to meet your unique needs
  6. Can improve space utilization, inventory management, and pick accuracy

GEODIS provides best-in-class warehouse management systems together with bespoke warehousing and distribution services.

There are many regulations and laws that govern warehousing and the storage of goods. These laws can vary between states and countries. GEODIS provides deep expertise in supply chain compliance and will ensure that our warehousing and logistics services meet all relevant laws, rules, and regulations. 

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GEODIS delivers what matters to your customers. No matter the size, goals, or shape of your business, we'll customize our warehousing and storage solutions to your exact needs.

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