Purpose & Core Values

Our purpose


Serving people by delivering their goods all around the world through innovative, sustainable, and ethical logistics.


As a leading player in the transportation and logistics industry, we deliver goods that are essential to prosperity, regional development, and the daily lives of people worldwide.


We support our customers in the pursuit of their mission, while addressing the major challenges of our time – all thanks to our dedicated teams and their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Expect logistics services and expertise that are:


We constantly devise better ways of connecting and doing business to provide innovative, end-to-end logistics services and solutions, aligned with changing needs and best practices.


The very nature of our business compels us to take decisive measures to reduce the impact of our operations. Environmental issues remain paramount at all times, as we move toward our goal of providing fully sustainable logistics services.


Our 50,000 people are our greatest asset. We are fully committed to providing them with a safe, caring, and positive work environment. The relationships we build with our teams, clients, and partners are firmly anchored in the fundamental principles of trust and respect.

A collaborative approach

Defining and meeting our purpose is a collective effort. We work closely with our leaders and employees around the world to develop and live our mission and values. We regularly survey our clients to ensure we're delivering to their needs and satisfaction and partner with them to focus on innovative, sustainable, and ethical approaches.

Our core values



GEODIS is committed to delivering world-class solutions and services to our clients. We value our stakeholders, and will always strive to do right by them.   


Building resilience by air and rail 


In the early days of the pandemic, GEODIS helped clients navigate severe disruption and  respond faster to volatile supply and demand by growing transport capacities and resources. 


Despite global disruptions to ocean freight shipping and severe restrictions on air transport, GEODIS managed to charter 650 flights to reliably support our client's urgent delivery needs. In February ​2020, we set-up air routes between Europe and Asia, and even enabled airlifts between the Americas, Asia, and Europe. 




GEODIS is always at the cutting edge of value creation. We continually innovate, enhance, and push the limits of what's possible to improve our performance and that of our clients. 


Enhanced effectiveness through robotics  


The innovative warehouse robotics program, launched by GEODIS in 2020, has increased logistics safety, productivity, and quality. This goods-to-person (GTP) system leverages self-driving vehicles to transport mobile storage units to and from picking stations.  


Employees may remain at their posts, while the robot moves around the warehouse to gather the necessary inventory items.  


Following successful testing for an electronic device manufacturer at a GEODIS site in Nashville, Tennessee, this automated solution has been rolled out to support other clients. 



Trust is built into our culture. We do things the right way, consistently, and with the right intent – even in the face of adversity. Our focus on trust helps to organically grow our brand loyalty and industry recognition.  


Building trust with consistent credibility 


In ​2023, GEODIS was named “Strategic Carrier of Arkema China” for the third consecutive year.  


This was in recognition of our efforts to implement the regional supply chain strategy for Arkema, a diversified chemicals manufacturer in China, at a time when the maritime industry was facing many challenges. 


We used our wide network of transport suppliers and comprehensive auditing strategies to ensure the seamless processing of Arkema’s general cargo across shipping lanes, custom clearances, and pre- and on-carriage procedures.  





We are one company, one team, and one family at GEODIS. The Group displays the same solidarity with internal stakeholders as it does with its clients and partners. As part of the “we” culture, GEODIS promotes relying on one another to get our work done. 


Eliminating food insecurity among our people 


In May 2019, we launched our CSR project ‘Indy Campus Food Pantry’ to improve food security among employees at our Indianapolis, Indiana campus.  


We provide food to over 3,000 local community residents per week. To date, this campaign has distributed 4,500 bags of groceries to food-insecure GEODIS households.  


Our support of GEODIS teammates, from “food insecure households”, with a weekly bag of groceries, resulted in a reduction of employee turnover and an increase in campus-wide engagement levels.  



There is incredible energy and potential at GEODIS. Our team of passionate and determined employees and partners makes a real and positive impact on the world. 


Horse riding instructor to dangerous goods driver 


After 10+ years of working as a horse riding instructor, Charline got her large vehicle driving license. Then, she joined GEODIS as a concrete mixer truck driver and quickly graduated to transporting chemicals.  


This new job gives her access to exciting assignments, in multiple business sectors and time zones, including flexible work hours. Working as part of a caring and supportive GEODIS team helps Charline to feel passionate about her job. 

dangerous goods driver truck.jpg