Aerospace & Defense Logistics

Aviation, space, aeronautics, and defense supply chains can be complex and challenging. GEODIS provides customized aerospace and defense logistics solutions with a strong focus on control, compliance, risk mitigation, and visibility.

Exceptional agility and risk management

End-to-end global supply chain visibility

Control and compliance at every stage

Logistics tailored to the unique nature of aerospace products

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Lift-off into a new era of aerospace and defense logistics

GEODIS has more than 20 years of experience working with clients across the aerospace and defense industries.  


We understand the unique challenges of aeronautics and aviation logistics. That's why we focus on several critical areas: risk management and mitigation, regulations and compliance, supply chain visibility, security, and complete control. We combine these priorities with best-in-class freight forwarding, warehousing, and transportation to help you excel in your marketplace.


In addition to our standard supply chain services, our specialized aerospace and defense logistics include:


  • Spares warehousing and part-by-the-hour
  • Scrapping and end-of-life management
  • On-board courier and hand-carry
  • Repair management, aircraft-on-ground (AOG), and critical part supply
  • Master Airway Bill (MAWB) and House Airway Bill (HAWB) services
  • Specialized and secure storage and transport
  • Customs management and clearance for aeronautic parts and products
  • 4PL flow orchestration
  • Digitization and integration with your processes and systems
  • Consultancy and advice

GEODIS uses the latest technologies across the aerospace and defense sectors

Complex project management

GEODIS creates personalized transport, customs, and logistics solutions for aerospace and defense clients.

Customs clearance

GEODIS is a specialist in clearing sensitive products and parts through customs. We offer freight forwarding, document management, customs control towers, and other trade services to reduce costs and delays. 

Visibility & flow management

Gain deep visibility into the global flow of your aerospace and defense products and parts. We provide comprehensive supply chain data and analysis to help you optimize operations. 

Spare parts & maintenance logistics

We provide spare parts and maintenance services throughout the repair cycle, including aircraft-on-ground, critical, routine, and reverse logistics.

Integrated logistics

Enhance your efficiency and production through deep integration between systems and services; GEODIS acts as an extension of your business. 

Responsible solutions

GEODIS offers high-quality logistics services aligned with our CSR commitments (environment, social, ethics) across your value chain.

Compliance, security, & control

GEODIS has a strong focus on compliance and control, ensuring you meet any regulatory frameworks while providing robust security and risk mitigation. 

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Frequently asked questions

Aerospace logistics involves all the steps required to move and store goods (including finished goods, spare parts, and components) across the aerospace and defense supply chain. Aeronautic logistics requires a strong focus on compliance, control, risk management, visibility, and speed.

Issues and challenges for defense and aerospace logistics include:

  • Lack of control and visibility across the global supply chain
  • Geo-political and geo-environmental issues that affect the flow of goods
  • Strict regulations and compliance requirements throughout the aeronautics supply chain
  • Heavy dependency on a few suppliers or carriers to deliver parts of goods, which reduces aerospace supply chain resilience
  • Handling and storage of large goods and sensitive products 
  • Lack of workers skilled in managing these technical goods
  • Inability to intelligently forecast and meet market demand

The aeronautical industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR value of 25.5% from 2022 to 2027. To cash in on this growth momentum, it would benefit to partner with a technology-enabled aerospace logistics provider that has a global reach, expertise in your sector, ability to forecast the future trends, and offer the right operational outlook.  

At a high level, aeronautic logistics management includes:

  1. Build and execute a comprehensive and agile aerospace logistics plan. 
  2. Coordinate with a network of suppliers, carriers, and third-party providers of aerospace logistics services. 
  3. Maintain control over inventory levels and transport flows. 
  4. Create contingency plans to manage the logistics flow in case of disruptions.
  5. Regularly analyze logistics performance to adjust aerospace logistics execution. 

In aerospace logistics, there are three tiers of suppliers that support aerospace companies and the military:  Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Tier 3 manufactures the basic components that are sent to tier 2 companies that assemble these components into subsystems. From here the subsystems are sent to tier 1 suppliers who build major components or systems that are shipped to the aerospace and defense companies.